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2006 Lebanon War

Evacuation Mission from Beirut to Cyprus July

(To read the essay that accompanies these photos see “The Man with the Bad Leg“) Anderson Cooper of CNN in Cyprus (photo by Constantine Markides)

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Final days of airstrikes and post-ceasefire in Beirut and Saida- August

(The essay that accompanies these photos is Beirut, Part I: The Eve of the Ceasefire)

Israeli strike on Southern Beirut during 2006 Lebanon War (photo by Constantine Markides)

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Southern Beirut – August

Israeli strike site in Southern Beirut (photo by Constantine Markides)

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Cypriot Presidential Delegation, Dec. 2006


(The essay that accompanies these photos is The Cult of the President – Part I: Shanghai)

 The Two Shanghais (photo by Constantine Markides)

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(The essay that accompanies these photos is  The Cult of the President – Part II: Beijing

 Chinese Military in the Great Hall of the People (photo by Constantine Markides)

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Missionary Work of Archbishop of Kenya, July 2007

In July 2007 I flew to Kenya to report on the missionary work of the Cypriot-born Orthodox Archbishop of Kenya, Makarios Tillyrides.

Orthodoxy in Nairobi

 Archbishop Makarios of Kenya baptizing child (photo by Constantine Markides)

To read my preface to these photos see the post Orthodoxy in Kenya

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Orthodoxy in Western Kenya

Funeral Speech by Archbishop Makarios of Kenya (photo by Constantine Markides)

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Kibera Slum & Masai Mara Safari, July 2007

Elephant Blocking Road For Herd, Masai Mara (photo by Constantine Markides)

From the slum to the safari: a juxtaposition

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San Antonio De Areco Gaucho Festival

Gaucho Fest. Photo by Constantine Markides

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Patagonia (includes Chile)

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Constantine Markides