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Isis’ novella-in-progress

Opening Sentence  (Round 1)

Lucid dreaming had helped Willow face her inner Kali and uncover the gem-studded glories of her inner bodhiverse, but only after she returned from her first astral projection, bathed in tears of joy and Universal Light, did she realize that there are no walls or barriers, that all life is pure energy, and that the only limits to our absolute freedom are those that we impose upon ourselves.


Isis’ Farewell Statement

Nice as it was to have journeyed with all of you on this extraordinary online adventure, I don’t regret that my voyage has ended. From the beginning I faced many doubts and dark nights of the soul about my decision to participate. Never have I been competitive. Reality shows, which feed the ego and pit fellow humans against one other, have always distressed me. But what attracted me about Fourth Fiction was the possibility of using the online cosmos to spread the message of peace, compassion, and universal love, which we desperately need in our ego-dominant times.

I am touched to my core and deeply moved I received so many votes for “favorite contestant” in the Twitter vote. I am not a talented writer so this only heartens me that what appealed to the readers was the messages of love, peace, and inner freedom that I passed on from past and present teachers like Martin Luther King, Krishnamurti, Swami Sivananda and Brent N. Hunter. The major religions teach us that only selfless love can end the cycle of violence. Anger, and its root cause, ego, are merely the outward manifestations of spiritual malaise and of a dissatisfied heart, ailments that deserves our compassion, not hostility. An eye for an eye, as the great Mahatma told us, and soon the whole world is blind.

I’m glad I participated, and even that I got voted out first. The lessons in humility are invaluable. The mystics teach us that what we should fear is not failure but success, which inflates the ego. Failure can make us humble, which is more in line with a spiritual development.

I shall cherish this experience. Blessings to you all. May your days be graced with joy, light and harmony. ~ Isis