*The generic images are deliberate. This is a writing-based reality show where contestants are judged exclusively on their fiction. Their identities will remain anonymous until the contest ends. Contestants with a red X have been eliminated.

Contestants-Avatar_XOLAF Gulf of Maine fisherman. Surly bastard with a sentimental streak. I date like I fish: further offshore than I should be and always looking for the one that got away.

Contestants-Avatar_XISIS California Flower Child-cum-Disciple of the Universe. Writing is like meditating: you must let go to find the Truth within. The world, Our Home, needs us. Less brains, more heart. Om Shanti.

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COCOIn her dreams she is young Sophia Lauren dressed in Coco Chanel jet setting the world with thousand lovers feeding from her hand. Dreams make life bearable.


FIDOReformed pickpocket; unreformed hellion; poker con man; savvy dumpster diver; nyc bike messenger. If you wanna find fido, you better know how to move. Stopping is dying.

Contestants-Avatar_XTUCK Proud working American not afraid to fight the bad fight. I try to take the compassionate out of conservative. My writing may piss you off but it won’t bore you. Live free or go to hell.

Contestants-Avatar_XTESS —   Art student writing chick lit with an edge. My writing draws from a firsthand portfolio of heartaches & breaks in Manhattan, that beloved heart-shaped cul de sac for single women hunting for Mr. Right.

Contestants-Avatar_XUTAH —   I’m an organic farmer who is happiest when up to my forearms in dirt. The rest are details.


OMAR —   SWM, jack-of-all-instruments, Williamsburg. The ghost of Pied Piper haunts me. In a past life I was a sunny, womanizing troubador. My hero is Cacofonix.

Contestants-Avatar_XIGOR —   A 19th-century flaneur misplaced in a 21st-century techno-dystopia. Awaiting the invention of the time machine. Short bios offend me.

Contestants-Avatar_XRHAE —   When our critical faculties degrade, society declines. If writers don’t address the great, pressing issues of their time, who will?

Contestants-Avatar_XNORA —   Happily-married Christian mother of four. The travails, the tumults, and the joys of married life motivate my writing. Favorite books: Gone With the Wind and Anna Karenina.

Contestants-Avatar_XFYOR —  The stygian regions of hearts and minds. The underbelly you fear. The submerged Dr. Hyde. The horror in the cellar. The abomination in the attic. The darkness closing in. My world.


OUTSIDE PARTICIPANTSOn this page you will find links to the novellas-in-progress by writers who are responding to the challenges just like the contestants but who are not in the actual competition.