Out of Power, In the Dark

Dec 4, 2012 by

THE DAYS AFTER HURRICANE SANDY I biked into downtown NYC a few times. Manhattan didn’t experience the scale of devastation of neighborhoods like the Rockaways or Breezy Point or Staten Island, but it was surely one of the most surreal places to be. It’s an eerie feeling biking in pitch black in the downtown of a city of eight million. It’s like being in the country, except you’re in the city. There was an upsurge in petty crimes — looting of supermarkets, drugstores, etc. — but a decrease in major crimes. On the whole the atmosphere was of camaraderie and fellowship. People came together to hand out dry ice or share food around curbside fires or set up impromptu charging stations (where else do you get to ride a bike to charge your phone?). You could even go to a bar and have a bottle of beer by candlelight. And after that, you could go relieve yourself against a tree trunk on 14th and 1st Ave without the slightest concern of being seen. You don’t get to do that every day in NYC. At least not at 8pm.

Last month I posted a video of footage I took in Brooklyn during the hurricane. This month it’s of Manhattan, in the days after Sandy:

(p.s. a friend pointed out that I got a shot of Walter Isaacson — aka the biographer of Steve Jobs — talking with a hipster. It’s 30 seconds into the video. Or click on the thumbnail of the photo at the beginning of this post)

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  1. Martin Standage

    Hi again from Cyprus!I enjoy your site and the latest posting you made is very relevant asmy son and his girlfriend are actualy in NYC right now for a one week vacation before they fly to London where me and my wife are also joining them to spend Christmas and New year with our families.CCG. your dads latest book,Inner River,I e-mailed him at his maine.edu address last week with some comments and suggestions concerning some of the chapters which are of special personal interest to me and also recommended a book on these subjects which I would be very pleased to send him while I am in London if he cannot get it in the U.S?I also sent some recent photos of the closed area of Famagusta -Varosha which I think your mum and dad would be interested to have a look at.I now have a couple of short video film clips made by a Turkish army patrol which I can send them too by e-mail.When you next contact them could you please mention that I’ve been in touch with you.
    Thanks a lot and kind regards-have a great Christmas too and all the best for 2013.

    • Sorry, Martin, this comment slipped by me. Yes, I’ll pass on the info to my parents. I know my sister would be very interested in seeing those photos and video of Famagusta and Varosha. I’ll mention it to her and she may get in touch with you about it. Hope you’re well. C.

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