From Mind Games to Tiger Woods

Jan 13, 2010 by

A few days ago, the unsleeping lodestar of the publishing universe, Debbie Stier, sent me a link to a recent podcast of This American Life called “Mind Games” She sent it to me with Fourth Fiction in mind.

I thought I’d do the same and share the link. After all the recent Decade-in-Reviews and reflections on the so-called aughts or naughts or naughties or naughty aughties or, to use the most inspired contender for the title, the ohs, consider it as an oblique retrospective on Fourth Fiction, which also closed with the decade (coincidentally, “Mind Games” first aired on December 4th). You can listen to the episode HERE. It’s worth the hour.

For a political and less sympathetic take on the same subject, read the December 19th New York Times OpEd by Frank Rich, Tiger Woods: Person of the Year.

Upon going through my Fourth Fiction video footage over the last half year, I concluded it’s hopeless separating the Extras from the Bloopers so a combined “Bloopers and Outtakes” Video is coming on January 24th.

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