Fourth Fiction Bloopers & Outtakes

Jan 24, 2010 by

The Fourth Fiction bloopers and outtakes videos (scroll down to see Part II):



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  1. Well everything is truly laid bare now isn’t it. I haven’t lauhged so much in a very long time. I totally forgot we’d sent through the test video with Dylan in it – in the bad light and with the pool filter really loud in the background.

    Thank you so much for this Constantine – and for/to Vasia and Anna who were your partners in crime behind the camera.

    This was just what I needed today to cheer me up. Shall miss Fourth Fiction…

    PS: Tony you rock!!!

  2. That was really cool to watch. Stabbing the wall was funny as hell.

  3. catia

    Great laugh! Its so weird that some of the images are from such a long time ago. Specially the London one’s. I cant even remember the last time I saw the sun as bright as it is in your videos. Thanks for sharing this with us. Here goes a hug for free from this side of the ocean. Best. Catia

  4. Hilarious!!! I almost peed my pants (sorry, but it’s true!) :)

  5. Thanks. It was fun to put together (at least for the first few days…). As is obvious, most of the blooper-worthy material was in the first few videos. It took me a while to realize that I don’t need to recite half the lines in one go. And that I don’t need to yap (and sniffle) so much.

    I like the wall-stabbing scene too, Chris, mostly because of the music. I had a pseudo-bejeweled letter opener that impaled easily but I wanted to go with the Bowie knife. I still haven’t patched up those holes.

    A-bone, don’t apologize to us. Apologize to your pants.

  6. Jen

    Hee! That was very fun. And I noticed that the boat was called Seldom Seen!

  7. seldomseen

    ahhh, busted at last…brilliant Jen.
    seriously funny stuff, and that must be quite a good oxy moron. kind of a lot of swearing i thought, what with the bleeps and all. and Cons’ mother is watching this?
    still, what a riot. clearly this was the perfect way to wind down a wonderful episode in all of our lives.
    or some bullshit like that…
    matt weber.

    ps- do you all see what i mean about him rowing like an old lady?

  8. Since you ask, here was my mother’s email response to the video:
    “Funny, hilarious, but did you have to swear so much?
    Your Greek swearing was by far the worst I have ever heard!
    Poia mana se emegalose esena telospanton! [translated: What kind of mother raised you, anyway?]”

    As for the rowing, I agree it was feeble – no back and legs in it – but it’s hard going when you have to play actor (a bit like looking for lobster buoys with OLAF written on them…). As you well know, seldom, I’m always up for a bet, so just let me know when you’re ready to go head to head rowing across the harbor. Maybe we can do it at low tide, so I can point out some of that red seaweed along the shore…

  9. Not so seldom seen any more, Seldom (c:

    Loved the knife vs. wall. And Tony’s Fourth Fiction song!

  10. Funny stuff. I am so glad that you got these put up. I still can’t stop laughing about the free hugs guy texting between hugs and not missing a beat. BTW How many times did you say “12 contestant”? Really great stuff! :)


  11. Jen, I thought I’d let Seldom Seen respond to your question, but it seems he’s finally living up to his name. So to answer: the buoy was named after Olaf. But I think Seldom Seen should start naming all his buoys Olaf. I’m willing to give him exclusive usage rights to the Olaf Buoy for a mere four percent of his lobstering profits.

    Fourth Night has come and gone and, once again, no post. What a pity that is taken…

  12. Really glad I revisited – out-takes are great. All the best to you all.

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