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Dec 4, 2009 by

Harvest has ended. Disappointed as I am to bow out so near the end, I take some consolation in my Fourth Fiction run coming to a close along with the crop season. Coco deserved to win as much as anyone else; in fact my better half is glad the winner is someone whose primary language is not English. It may have cost her in votes along the way, but it goes to show that what readers most value isn’t technical competence but compelling narrative.

I just went through and read your comments to me over the past few months. It was a privilege and honor to have had for a readership such a diverse and lively company, or as one of you put it, an “attractive & crazy posse.” The commenters section of the last video was especially moving. I could watch it endlessly and I doubt it would lose any of its emotional impact. It’s as if somewhere along the way the readers had become characters upon some larger canvas. That may explain my initial surprise at seeing your faces.

The phrase ‘online community’ doesn’t sound as funny to me now as it once did. I hope the bonds don’t break with the end of the contest. As for Delia, Corey, and Jacob, you can be sure my last writing wasn’t the last you’ll hear of them.

As much as I eagerly await the pseudonymous restrictions to be lifted, it’s been entertaining to imagine what the contestants look like, who they are, and to what degree they’ve shown their true identity.

Finally, a sincere thank you to our newly mustachioed host, despite his autocratic practice of barring contestants from the website! 😉

Congratulations, Coco. Like the others I eagerly await your post.

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  1. seldom seen

    yup, yup. glad to be the first one, it looks like, to lob a comment in here. Utah, gracious as i expected.
    Host, ahem. how do i put it????


    after all this time, i’m way over my fourth vertabrae in disgust.
    what a shame…

  2. Absolute, pure class. As always, Utah (c:

    Can’t wait to catch up with you and Corey and Delia – and even Joseph – in just a few days.

    • Okay – now I’m at home and don’t have my boss hanging around my desk trying to see what I’m doing… (c:

      Utah – my heart did a little disappointed flop when I saw your name come up on the screen. No disrespect to the lovely, talented Coco – but I was hoping you’d be the winner.

      It’s been an absolute pleasure reading your work every week, Utah. If only I knew the slightest thing about farming, so I could throw in a few awesome farming metaphors like Jodi… (c:

      And Coco – my most sincere congratulations! I may have been hoping Utah would win, but I’d defend your story and your right to tell it until I run out of breath and my keyboard melts.

      Not that you need the likes of silly me to defend you, of course. You’re more than capable of speaking for yourself. Time and time again, you’ve silenced your critics with brilliant, intense writing.

      I found something for you…provided this link works, of course… (crosses fingers)


  3. Life is about choice but the choices are not always our own. The voting results will be interesting I hope and expect that the result will have been a very close run thing.

    Coco – Congratulations!! Your success is very well earned. Awaiting the 8th (9th for me!) with great anticipation. Go for it!

    Utah – for me I’m sorry to see you defeated but you have certainly not been dishonoured. Congratulations to you for getting to the final, you deserved it and thanks too for contributions to this fascinating online game show. Eagerly awaiting to hear more of Corey, Delia and Joseph.

    • I don’t see Utah as defeated… even though this style of contest technically sees only one winner, in my opinnion all twelve writers who have been part of this wonderful experiments are winners in their own rights for taking a chance on Constantine’s “kinda crazy idea.” Just love crazy ideas – they are the best!

      And we as readers, and new friends have reaped so much from being part of it.

  4. Utah there was a tear in my eye when I read your farewell statement. The two best writers made it through to the end and sadly there can only be one place at the end.

    With harvest over, you have time to relax and enjoy the fallow period before the next round of sowing… the circle of life continues. And you have brought that to all to us in your writing. Makes me miss, in some ways, my time on the farm and being so close to the circular motion of time, the seasons.

    Congratulations Coco and I am with Utah’s partner (and let it be said Utah, that as the woman in the partnership, you are the “better” half) in saying, it is a double win for you as a non native speaker of English and for literature, as we see writing is more than just the mechanics and proper placement of commas etc. I’m with everyone else in saying, can’t wait to read the next installment.

  5. Joan Begs

    Coco here I am humble and sober to bow to your great success. My best apology for the past behaviour is my appraisal for your great victory. This contest was like a battle in an open field with medieval weapons, the ones who master them with ability and passion would carry on to the next battle. This was a great struggle in which field you mastered your most valuable weapon; the ability and the passion you did cast on your writing to overcome the fact of the English not being your mother language, and you won the battle because in every suit you left everyone hang waiting for more…
    That is actually inline with this contest; suspense and anxiety to know the next to leave or the ones to stay. We have been along the way together and all agree that the seconds are ticking to slow to know the absolute end of your novel and a bit more of you. Congratulations indeed! :)

    • Beautiful beautiful comment Joan :) You stand redeemed!

      You are right too, Coco’s writing has a lot of passion and I think that’s why she won the readers’ hearts over. Her victory was well deserved and I look very much forward to reading the last post! I am anticipating a best seller :)

      As for Utah, your story was beautiful and cruel all at once, which I can’t imagine it is easy to craft. Your characters felt real, your story gripping and you always left me wanting more, which was perfect for this contest. I hope you keep writing and I hope you will share the fates of your three characters with us soon! (please don’t leave us hanging!).

      I hope once all the writers are revealed that you will all please direct us towards your blogs if you have one so that we may keep following your writing!

      PS: by the way.. anyone else notice Joan is a man in the video? Or was it just me… ?

  6. Utah – Very touching farewell statement. Your postings have consistently earned a spot amongst my favorites, and yes Annabones, “beautiful and cruel” is a great way to describe her writing. I was/am very eager to know the fate of Corey, Delia and Joseph. Don’t keep us hanging too long!

    Coco – My sincere congratulations! And as a native Cypriot, I’m honored to see a writer from the homeland take the gold!

    Seldom Seen – I don’t think it’s Host you should be “Bullshitting” – This was a democratic vote don’t forget!

    And yes, Annabones, I was quite surprised to see that Joan is a man! But then again nothing surprises me in this day and age :)

    Eagerly anticipating the 8th!

  7. Eros

    Utah, I am so glad that you made it to the finals, you have been one of my top three favorites right from the start. I love your down to earth writing style and your ability to handle the challenges. I pray that your path is filled with joy, many more harvest and that I find one of your books in a store one day.

    I have been waiting for now to comment on your last post. Thank you for showing the human side of the bad guy, so few in this world do, and it is important to remember that they are human and not just some animal. That for what ever reason they do the horrible things they do there is a reason that they do them. The problems that bad people have can not be fixed intel you find and fix the root of it. Just locking them up will not ever help them or society, because other wise they just do their time and get back out bigger and stronger and do the same things or worse. So again Thank You for having the Courage to stand up and show we are just human, good or wicked we are just humans.


    • Well said, Eros! It’s no wonder you enjoyed Utah’s portrayal of Jacob – you’ve got the same name!

      (I’d hope that’s all you have in common with him, though!)

      • Eros

        No that freaked me out, really. and the name is the only thing we have in common. I couldn’t hurt a fly if I tried and I like older guys. 😉

        Happy Belated Birthday Renata!! I hope you had a great day.

        Congratz on the Talk show Host, can’t wait to hear it!


  8. seldomseen

    clearly, vasia, you missed the intent of my comment. understandable that this might happen , given the intracacies of my thought process. i was merely sharing with the old host my displeasure at the RESULT of the dempcratic process. i like the idea of “majority rules” but it does allow for errors to be made. and no, i am not comparing Olaf or Utah to Al Gore. conversely, i’m also not comparing Coco to W.

    • As a fan of reality television, it’s really rare that the person you want to win actually does.

      That’s just the way it goes.

      On the bright side, though you mightn’t agree with me, Seldom, Coco is a deserving winner. Often, it’s people like Tuck who get far in these kind of things…well, on the telly, at least.

  9. Coco!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Boy, I’m so happy!!!

    Today is my birthday, and it was the best gift ever!!!

    Don’t have time to read all the comments nor Utah’s farewell statement now, so, I’ll come back later to comment more!

  10. Jen

    A graceful exit, Utah. And thank you for your fascinating and tragic characters. I’m glad to know we’ll hear from them again! Looking forward to it.

    And congratulations, Coco! You have really demonstrated something special here in the contest. People keep saying it must be about the passion and the story, not the mechanics of writing. December 8th can’t come quickly enough.

  11. Utah — I am sorry to see you go. I have to admit your story grew on me as the entries progressed. I definitely think you should finish it and post, if Constantine will allow that. For me, Coco’s language issues were not an obstacle since they were in keeping with the character’s first person POV. Coco’s observations and imagery were original and fresh, which as a writing teacher, I don’t find enough. I really want to know how your story ends. Congratulations on making it to the very end, and on your gracious farewell letter.

  12. Congratulations for making it to the final two, Utah. A worthy runner up.

  13. seldom seen

    Littlerstar- i see your point and only take issue with one fact… this is not television!! its fourth fiction, and the contestants are generally, in my view, held to a higher standard here than on oh, say, the biggest loser. they may both be reality contests, but there the similarities end. however, this being a new and seemingly brilliant forum, who knows just what likenesses will turn up. and of course, sometimes life just isn’t fair…

  14. Congrats on second place, Utah. I hope you finish and post somewhere for us. My vote went with you.

    Coco, Congratulations on winning. You wrote a fantastic story and deserve your win. To be honest I would have been happy with any of the top three.

  15. Guys, thank you all so much! You know, after 30, birthdays are not that much fun anymore, but I think I’m accepting it much better this year! lol 😀

    It was a good day!

    And Utah, I was in a hurry but now I realize that it wasn’t very polite just coming here and congratulate Coco. The fact that her story’s caught me that much is not an excuse to be rude. This is YOUR farewell statement, and I apologize.

    It was a beautiful speech, Utah, really elegant way to say goodbye. You’ve made it till here because you’re very talented, and had a good story with lots of fans. Congratulations for that, and for be such a good player! :)

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