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Dec 2, 2009 by

On Friday, December 4th, the Fourth Fiction runner-up will post her farewell statement. The winner’s final post will be posted four days later on December 8th. Why the lag? The competition officially launched with the Round 1 Video, posted at 7:29pm EST on August 4th. In the spirit of the Fourth, I’ve decided to post the Fourth Fiction “final episode” four months, four weeks, four days, and four minutes after the launch of the contest. So the final post will be at 11:33pm EST, Dec. 8th.

(There’s also a more practical reason: all of the contestants are submitting something for the final video and I haven’t received all of them yet. But let’s pretend the symbolic reason is the essential one.)

Here’s the schedule for the final post, arranged by the cities/countries of the commenters in the last video. It may not be a practical hour for everyone, especially those in Brazil and Europe, but it’s not as if the post won’t be there later.

Londrina / Sao Paolo, BRAZIL: 2:33am Wed, Dec. 9th
Maine / New York / Florida, USA & Ontario, CANADA: 11:33pm Tue, Dec. 8th
New Mexico, USA: 9:33pm Tue, Dec. 8th
California, USA: 8:33pm Tue, Dec. 8th
Sydney, AUSTRALIA: 3:33pm Wed, Dec. 9th
Brisbane, AUSTRALIA: 2:33pm Wed, Dec. 9th
PHILIPPINES: 12:33pm Wed, Dec. 9th
CYPRUS: 6:33am Wed, Dec. 9th
SWEDEN, BELGIUM, GERMANY: 5:33am Wed, Dec. 9th
UK: 4:33am Wed, Dec. 9th

May the Fourth be With You.

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  1. It seems the universe is spitting out interesting strings of numbers on my side of the world – 3:33 – would that pertain to “Third Fiction” the lesser brother of the Fourth – lol?

    Anyway – I know those string of threes when read as “33” mean something to you also Host. It is my Mum’s birthday that day – so it looks like it will be a big day through and through.

    As an OP I am not adversed to a few more days to finish my novella, since I seem to have had several deadlines all careening into each other – making for something of a literary head on collision. Plus I only just worked out how I intend to challenge myself.

    And I have to say I am so chuffed to see Brisbane as the corresponding city for Australia (sorry littlestar!) – seeings it is probably the most forgotten state capital, especially too since we don’t go onto daylight savings like the rest of the country. Yay Brisbane!! Thanks Constantine.

  2. My bad. I didn’t mean to leave out Sydney. I thought I’d put it in there. And I was wrong about the time too. The 3:33 is actually for Sydney, and 2:33 is for Brisbane. Maybe I should stick to my familiar EST territory from now on…

    • Timezones make my brain all wibbly. Well, wibblier than usual.

      Thanks for not forgetting about me, Host! (c:

      3.33 in the afternoon…on a Wednesday. I usually eat my lunch at my desk on a Wednesday….

      Perhaps, I’ll make an exception next week.

      (Jodi – I do know what you mean about the Sydney bias though. I’m actually from Melbourne originally. And I’d much rather Brisbane’s non-daylight savings time. I hate, hate daylight savings! It fades the curtains and confuses the cows!)

      What am I going to do until the 9th??

      • Yes I’m a Victorian too – which is probably where the root of anti-Sydneyism comes from. I mostly an adopted Queenslander now – which seems such an odd thing to discuss on a blog which predominantly comes from New York.

  3. Cheers for the heads up. And the extra time is gratefully received as I am behind behind behind post nano.

    5.33am isn’t out of the realms of possibility with me. The kids will probably have me up around then knowing them :)

  4. I’m also still trying to challenge myself… So far, not even a clue about how to end my novel… :(

    I’m so affraid about the farewell statement… If I read “Coco’s farewell…” I’ll cry, sure will…

    Tks for posting the schedule – for me it will be only December, 9th… I may not have nails anymore until then!! 😀

  5. Sweet widget host but… no seconds? The minutes don’t change fast enough hehe

    • tetra

      this is a comment

      as oppose to what? you may be asking

      as oppose to a comment on a comment

      • This is a comment about your comment.

        My confession: I’m checking FF from work.

        Yep – I somehow got conned into working today. It’s Saturday here in Sydney! Who works on a Saturday??

        Well, apart from me…

        • What do you do littlestar? you sound like you are always working! :)

        • Me too, Littlestar… I’ve been teaching for the last 8 hours… on a Saturday! :O

          • Renata – Hang on. Let me get this straight. You were working on a Saturday…on your birthday?? Ack!! I had no right to complain about being at work!

            Anna – I’m a copywriter, which in itself isn’t stressful or interesting. It’s just the company I work for. I write about products for an internet shopping website (I’m working weekends due to the Christmas rush) but the company itself is the most insane, disorganised place…which is why I spend so much time there…

            One day, I intend to write a tell-all book about the place and the characters and my utterly clueless boss…muahaha!

  6. catia

    Its almost time here in London. I feel like its new years!!!! :)

  7. catia

    I think I got confused! Its on the 8th not on the 4th! :(

    • Actually, it will be the 9th for you. I should have gone with Countdown Timers instead of dates all along. It would have saved us all a lot of Time Zone induced headaches.

  8. Jen

    Whoever said anticipation is its own reward, well… boo to them. *anticipates, anticipates*

    • I have never heard that one Jen – but smacks of something “profound” a parent might say to make the wait seem worth it in itself – which as you point out is utter CRAP! Like “it’s not how you win or lose, but how you play the game” – to stop you being cocky if you win and maudlin if you lose.

      When I think of anticipation – it is the scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show… antici… pation! Roll on posting time.

  9. 1 day and 44 hours!
    Who else is excited about tomorrow? I hope Coco has something hot & exciting up her sleeve.. :)

  10. catia

    Is it happening this morning in London??? I mean in about 2 hours? I’m a bit lost here. When is it going to be? Help Host. Help!!!!!?????

    • No, still another 24 hours to go before Coco’s final post. Just take a look at the timer in the sidebar.

      Having said that, I’m going to be posting something else in the next few minutes…

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