Radio Interview about Fourth Fiction

Dec 13, 2009 by

Cyrus Webb of Conversations LIVE! Radio interviewed me about Fourth Fiction on Monday, Dec. 14th. You can listen to the full one-hour interview HERE. (Don’t ask what I was getting at in my first response…)

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  1. catia

    The advert is absolutely hilarious. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  2. Advert – which advert? I’m already having anxiety attacks about trying to make the whole “listen in” thing work? And Constantine considered himself a Luddite – I’m drowning in the primordial swamp ot technofeebs.

    • Oh “that” advert which just decided to download onto my screen. Seems I’m not the only ‘thing’ drowning in that primordial swamp :)

  3. Congratulations Constantine on a stellar interview. Very enjoyable and we got to *hear* all sides of the competition, especially the unspoken ones.

    Thank you for taking us to all the places you have in the past five months. xxx

  4. Great show, I think you did a great job. Loved having the ability to chat with you all.


  5. Thank you all for listening / chatting. I prefer and am more familiar with interviewing than being interviewed but I enjoyed it. Cyrus did a great job, especially in the way he led up to Coco. I’m sorry I didn’t get it together to join the chat room. I hear it was lively.

    Jodi, I look forward to hearing you and Paul talk to Cyrus on February 5.

    By the way, Renata, the reason I mumbled your name is because I wasn’t sure if you were concealing your identity, since you didn’t use “Renata.” I realized right away how ridiculous that was, but it was too late. It must be the lingering paranoia of identity issues…

    • hahaha Host, that was funny! I didn’t think you were mumbling, I just thought you were not sure it was me!

      I’d put this nick, because it’s my login in all sites, and just later I realized I should have put Renata… I was very tired, didn’t know how to deal with the site, and had just watched Dexter’s season finale – I was a mess! :)

      Can’t wait to have time to hear the entire interview! I’ve loved the part I’ve listened to.

  6. I enjoyed the conversation as well. That is exactly why I don’t script the interviews: this way it helps the flow to just talk and let it develop. Glad those in the chatroom enjoyed the experience as well. We were glad Constantine trusted us enough to come on the show and talk about the entire experience. It is easy for us to just look at the end result and make assumptions, but knowing how it originated definitely paints an entirely different picture.

    We will be watching Constantine and Fourth Night to see what happens next.

    • Hi Cyrus – thanks for putting the podcast on your website. I couldn’t listen live, but I really enjoyed the interview.

      (and thanks also for playing Lady Gaga!!)

      The chatroom sounded like lots of fun!

  7. Littlestar, you are more than welcome about Lady Gaga (smile). She’s a favorite at the radio station and for our online listeners. Glad you enjoyed the interview and will join us for future discussions.

  8. Well its all gone horribly quiet! Constantine, putting aside any thoughts of the work etc. etc. involved, you should have let us all had conversations with the authors before you revealed the truth. Might have been quite interesting!!
    Oh! well; perhaps seldom seen was right!
    Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Christmas to all.
    (I suspect I’m not the only one to take an occasional peek.)

    • JD,
      It may sound quiet, but it isn’t. In fact, after Tuck heard the first minute or so of the interview (that was as much as he could take) he was rearing to leap out in flashing armor, bellowing and swinging. I would have welcomed that, but I didn’t want the “you did just fine” responses to follow so with some willpower I resisted opening the door to him. Also, once Tuck emerges, everyone else will start complaining about being cooped up and I don’t think I can handle the wild rumpus right now. The trouble is that Pandora’s Box has already been opened so even if it sounds quiet, all twelve of them are still out there, whispering in the ether. So there may be a place for the conversations you mention to transpire in the future. But for Host’s sake, they need to stay chained up for a while. They’re like unruly kids; sometimes they’ve been out for long enough and it’s time to come inside.

      (p.s. I moved your comment here so it doesn’t give things away to someone who might later read/watch the posts in order)

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