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Nov 7, 2009 by

Outside participant Jodi Cleghorn created a post on her website for readers to suggest four things I must do in the next video. All entries will be put to a vote and the winning entry selected. Read the post here and give your suggestions (contestants, sorry, but same rules about outside commenting still apply to you).

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  1. Nice to be host, aint it? You get to dish out trouble but don’t let us dish it back.

  2. Tell you what Olaf – you want to dish it here .. I’ll take the suggestions posted here by the contestants and take it over and add it on my blog – that way you guys can dish it up all you want and not have to worry about breaking the rules – you just wont be able to vote!

    Do you have a problem with that host?

  3. I’d rather keep this reader-based, Jodi, because I have something in mind for the contestants later down the line. Plus it looks like the readers aren’t having any trouble sticking it to me.

  4. No it looks like they’re doing a fine job Host and Olaf – it seems like you guys will get your own back.

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