Vote for your Favorite – Round 9

Nov 1, 2009 by


* From now on you VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE.
Four contestants are left: Nora, Coco, Utah, and Olaf. Read their writings (click on their names to read their latest posts or click on HOME and scroll down) and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE based on how well you felt they all responded to the Round 9 Challenge. You have until NOON NOVEMBER 4th EST to vote. You can find out who was eliminated and learn what the Round 10 challenge is in a video that will be posted later on November 4th.

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  1. The future is an unknowable, it evolves out of the prevailing Condition of Existence. I just voted – quite differently to how I might have predicted I might be voting at this stage.

  2. This round’s eliminated contestant will select the challenge for next round.
    Contestants, come up with your challenge of choice and email it to me before the poll closes on Wednesday at noon EST. The challenge of whoever is eliminated will be assigned to the remaining three contestants in Round 10.

    • Host, this is fiendish of you. I know what my challenge is, although I do pray it does not end up as the Round 10 challenge.

      • Ha – that’s really evil!

        If I were one of the remaining contestants, I’d consider setting the others up with something completely insane – like “all remaining writers must make their main character sing Total Eclipse of the Heart. In Spanish. While ice-skating…backwards. On Mars!!” …etc (c:

        I found it so much easier to vote now it’s for my favourite. Having said that, though, I don’t want to see any of you guys leave the competition.

  3. tetra

    i liked voting off people. its much harder to champion one writer and difficult to compare such different contestants. but who said reality shows were fair. haha

  4. Beran

    The one who gets eliminated will set the challenge! This is a great idea Constantine!
    I love Coco and I dont want her to be eliminated, but if she gets eliminated all the others can worry, becuase I am sure it would be one hell of a challange!

    • Haha Beran I don’t know yet what is my challenge but now I have to make sure its something to make them really sweat! Like to have to write some of it in different language 😉

  5. Beran

    Dear Host,
    I am sure you probably have lots of good ideas in your mind for the grand final. But may be you can also consider a challange like an interim challange for the last two contestants which they will have to write jointly online on a common topic. You can even arrange it to be live on Twitter! what do you think?

  6. Beran

    come on littlestar dont underestimate the contestants, I beleive they are capable of doing magical things ;))

  7. tetra

    its funny that its 3 girls and 1 boy left. Funny also that I always wonder what Nora looks like but never Coco; Utah is invisible; and Olaf…wonder what he smells like after a day at work. haha

  8. Tetra, don’t expect to find out.

    If I get voted out, boy are the other three gonna be up against it.

  9. The poll is now closed. I’ll post as soon as I finish filming and editing the video. I’ll try to do so by tonight but after my recent delays in posting the videos it would be shameless of me to promise anything.

    • I was just reading today about New York’s Halloween celebrations in Lonely Planet’s Top 1000 Experiences book, so I’m really excited to see this week’s video!


      Hehe, just kidding, Host (c:

  10. People, don’t believe anything our host says. Go to bed, the video will be up on the 5th 😉

  11. You were right Anna. There goes my time tomorrow to write while Mr D is at kindy. Will have to be the weekend.

  12. I too was hoping for an early start today. Pity.

  13. Apologies all for the delay, but I assure you I’m not standing around indifferently, paring my fingernails. I was up practically into the morning editing the video and I still have a long ways to go. I’ve learned it’s a bad idea trying to film and edit in one day. Expect the video tonight.

    Littlestar, I caught mostly the tail end of both the Halloween parade (during rain) and the NYC marathon so you won’t see either of them in full glory. At the same time, the more interesting characters are often the ones trailing the pack.

    As for the word limit this round, I promise it won’t be 222…

  14. Why is everyone in so much rush? Go to relax and make coffee 😉 You should see how Cypriots are with the deadline. If this was Cyprus we would still be on second video. And tenth coffee!

  15. tetra

    so I guess this waiting has everything to do with the greek in our host. cant escape from your genes host. hehe

    • I doubt other genes would have made a difference in this case. The only thing that would have helped is more sand in the hourglass.

      I’ll post the video before I sleep tonight. Don’t ask when. Let’s just say it’ll be a late night.

      • You’re up late Constantine – its 7.20 here in Scotland and the sun’s up.

        Have another cup of coffee!

        All the best – JD

        • You mean another gin and juice. It’s a drink that transitions night to morning well. I’m exporting the movie right now. It’s a large file so it should be at least another hour before the export and upload are finished. That’s fine by me. There’s plenty more gin. I’d be drinking Laphroaig if I was where you are.

  16. Jen

    It’s really interesting to see favourites rather than least favourites. Now the guessing begins as to who Nora’s fans will like next, etc.

  17. tetra

    Host maybe you could move this to “Round 10 Video – Marathon and Masquerade” where it may be more at home ?

  18. tetra

    ok done why not delete the lot here. mine and yours that is!

    man i came to a cafe to write in the middle of nowhere and some people i know came and sat next to me! no guesses for where i live!

  19. Interesting allocation of votes this time around – not what I would have predicted. For me it was a bit disappointing.

    Nora’s challenge was also interesting and, while I can see ‘Host’s’ point of view, I think it was a pity to make the modification. Death of the main character did not have to bring any of the stories to an end in my opinion; life is full of such scenarios, unwanted as they may be.

    That said, ‘life goes on and the plot thickens’; all the contestants continue as major players and I await their inputs to the next round with high expectations and interest.

    Continue to remain impressed by the videos – I’m sure I am missing lots of the hidden gems, reading the comments helps to reveal some of them! You make it look easy but I fully recognise that they (the videos) must be requiring a lot of effort to make them work (plus a fair input of gin and mix by your account) – keep up the good work, it’s appreciated.Only comment (and this may relate more to my hearing deficiencies than your videos) is that some of the spoken content often comes across poorly – more subtitles perhaps?

    • I agree, JD, that it would have been interesting to see how they’d kill the main character. But In Coco’s story, the main character is the narrator. Kill the main character and you kill the narrative. No doubt, there are ways around it, like having Ivana speak from the afterworld or changing the narration from first person to third, but it seemed unreasonable to demand that of her.

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