Vote for your Favorite – Round 10

Nov 11, 2009 by


* From now on you VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE
Three contestants are left: CocoUtah, and Olaf. Read their writings (click on their names to read their latest posts or click on HOME and scroll down) and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE based on how well you felt they all responded to the Round 10 Challenge. You have until 9am  NOVEMBER 14th EST to vote. You can find out who was eliminated and learn what the Round 10 challenge is in a video that will be posted after the poll closes.

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  1. For those in a vote casting mood – you can vote on how to “humiliate” host in the next Fourth Fiction video. There are five suggestions of four challenges. Everything from Vanilla Ice, Brazillian Jujitsu, hamming it up as Uncle Sam and visiting a sex shop. Poll closes lunch time Friday.

  2. Just voted (no dice). Voting for who you think is best is easier really, you don’t have to actually condemn anyone. There’s less guilt!

    Funny how the term ‘favourite’ (UK Kaylie!) takes on flavours in its meaning – I’m saying ‘best’ as in ‘most accomplished’ here as opposed to necessarily most liked, the latter is probably closer to the true meaning. The uniqueness of individual mind.

  3. I’ve had to rejig the criteria I used for voting in the earlier rounds.

    This time I went with emotional impact – because at the end of the day, to me, that’s what’s writing if all about. While I would like to give special mention to being clever and having successfully worked out how the Fourth Fiction machine works … it’s just not enough this round to get a vote.

    It will be very very intersting to see who goes this time. I can’t say I will be happy to see anyone go actually and hope whoever is at the least “popular” end of the vote this time, comtinues to write so we can see at a later stage how their story ended. Nothing like a book half finished to drive you nuts!

    • I agree, Jodi. Emotional impact. But that’s how I’ve been voting all along. I just always want to believe the characters are real.

  4. Someone here had better have done their homework and read “If on a winter’s night, a traveller…” or Igor and I shall be very cross (c:

    I’ve voted – for the story I’d most like to see completed. But at this stage, I’ll be devastated to see any of you leave!

    (though this devastation may be lessened somewhat by watching Host making a fool of himself in New York! Hehe! I can’t wait to see what he has to do!)

  5. tetra

    So we’re close to the time of reckoning.

    Sorry Utah I cant vote for you. It was be plain wrong for your story to win, with the 4thF. website being home to such late and greats like Fido, dog on speed, Tuck the tosser with a heart and Nora whoa..h.

    So, will it be the big Fish or the pretty Lobster to go?

    Your hooks can keep hanging because I’m not going public. haha

    I might say, men should stick together…then agin, I might not.

    See y’all on the surf

  6. seldomseen

    whoa Tetra with the seafood references. we have a rule of thumb where i come from- “no drinky typey…”. sounds like you know something the rest of us don’t, or do you? hmnn.
    Jodi, i like the idea of the skinny lil’ host making a fool of himself for the next video. thenagain, he’s been doing it since day one. or should i say day 4. who can forget the embarassing to watch swimming exhibition? and of course a 7′ tall guy trying to row a 6′ skiff is bound to be entertaining. it may be that he needs no help from us at all on this front.
    nice to see chris back here.

  7. This was the closest voting round to date. As most of you have probably guessed, the video won’t be up today. Because I’ve been working and filming all day, I haven’t even managed to start editing it yet. I hope to have it up by the end of the weekend. It’s going to be a strange one…

    • Watching movie is like eating food. It always taste better if your hungry for it. So take your time in the kitchen host!

  8. Tsk tsk. Somethings never change! 😉
    The videos are well worth the wait though. Good luck with the editing.

  9. Sorry to say I have no choice but to push the video back another 24 hours until tomorrow evening. Again a monster is (being) born. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now. My next video challenge is to post on time for once…

  10. ‘Twasn’t like we made it easy for you. Past experience shows me it takes a few times before we learn our lessons.

  11. lol. I think we’re all holding our breaths in anticipation.

  12. If that’s the case we’re all about to keel over with self imposed asphyxiation … and we can’t even put an auto erotic slant on it given Nora’s no longer with us!

  13. The movie project is so large that my editing program keeps crashing. As a result, it’s taking twice as long. Please bear with me. I won’t sleep before it’s online.

    • We’ll all stop holding our breathr then – guess Anna’s right – she’s asleep!

      You need a care squad of devoted fans looking after you, in the wake of these all night editing escapes. When women birth in the community I belong to – everyone brings food when the baby arrives. Birthing these vids sounds a bit like bringing a baby into the world (and about as much hard labour!) … you could do with a little TLC afterwards!

      • Ha, I hope your friends in the birthing community don’t read your comment because making a YouTube video probably has more in common with a spell on the toilet than a birth… Thanks for the care squad thoughts but right now all I’m really craving is sleep. It’s going to happen soon because the video is uploading.

        • Having birth one child and assisted at the birth of my two Godchildren – there is more about toilets and birth than you think. Probably WTI for now. Hope you’re resting peacefully – but there’s probably no rest for the wicked.

  14. wow, that was one close race…

  15. Jen

    That was incredibly close! I wonder, is that a difference of just one or two votes between each contestant?

    • Agreed. Its going to be really interesting to find out just how many people have been participating in this project. I really hope that there has been a good pool of voters – the participants and Constantine really deserve that for all their input and hard work.

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