Vote for the Winner – Round 11

Nov 21, 2009 by

Two contestants are left: Coco and Utah. Read their writings (click on their names to read their latest posts or click on HOME and scroll down) and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE based on how well you felt they all responded to the Round 11 Challenge. You have until NOON  NOVEMBER 24th EST to vote.

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  1. This one is really, really hard! These two absolutely deserve to be the finalists, in my opinion. I very much want to read the endings of both stories. Is there a chance you could let them finish the stories before we vote for the winner? That seems only fair. On “Survivor” there are always two, now three, finalists who get to speak for themselves. Without the endings, we cannot be fair judges.

  2. True, true, but what kind of a reality show would this be if there were fair judges? Ha! You’re right, but the contest has been pitched from the beginning as one where only one contestant completes the novella. Also, it would render this poll meaningless. But I’m all for all the runner ups to finish their novellas so they can be posted on the site after December 4th.

  3. I’ve made it this far so I plan on finishing the novella whether in public or privately. If anything, I need to just for the closure!

  4. I won’t even pretend the video may be up in the next 24 hours. I’m aiming for Wednesday the 15th 25th. If it’s not up then, it will be up on what we who are not Native Americans cheerfully refer to as Thanksgiving.

    I give up on trying to make deadlines. I’ll leave that to the contestants. Hosting does come with privileges (and clearly, abuses).

  5. Did you mean the 25th? Or are you attempting some time travel this time? (this would not surprise me after what I’ve seen you do in some of your videos…) 😉

    • Possibly, Host means the 15th of December?

      Or maybe January… (c:

    • Yes, I meant 25th!

      Thanks for the extension, littlestar, but I’ll shoot for November.

      • tetra

        forget then “shoot” Host. we want the finished, fully edited product! hehe

        having said that as far as my view of the other 4th Fictioners goes I would quite like to see them unedited, capish ( as defined by the urban slang dictionary – Italian slang for “Your alternative is death. Do you understand?”)

  6. tetra

    y’know annabones, everytime I see your photo/avatar I think – my, my what is going on there. Now that the end is nigh might you enlighten me? Are you perhaps wearing shades and holding a camera?

    • lol Tetra. The picture was taken by a photographer friend, I am wearing vintage 60’s blue sunglasses and being silly for the camera.
      People tell me I am quite silly so I guess the avatar suits me!
      (I’m sure they mean it in an endearing way though. I like to think I verge on corky more than I do on silly!). :S

  7. I’m anticipating I’ll be finished with the video tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day. Or probably more like Thanksgiving Late Night. So much for breaking with tradition and posting on time.

    Many thanks for the videos and photos from all of you. I can’t wait to put this compilation together.

  8. Host, take an extra day to make the video; Thanksgiving isn’t a day for spending in front of the computer! I for one don’t plan to even turn it on.

    May you all have a happy and hearty Thanksgiving.

  9. tetra

    manyana manyana

    Host, I think its in the genes

  10. I’ve been doing everything possible to finish this video but the beast just won’t be subdued. The goal is to get the video up before I sleep tonight, but if sunrise comes around, my apologies, but I’ll have to continue when I wake up.

    The winner (TBA) of Coco and Utah will have until January December 4th to post the final entry so even if the video isn’t up until tomorrow, that still leaves a solid week to write the final entry.

  11. Host, for God’s sake – GO TO SLEEP!

    It’s thanksgiving, you should be eating pumpkin pie! We’ll wait…

    After all, this one must be THE video! :)

  12. Alice Pope

    what to do with all the extra turkey

  13. Alice Pope

    I was like a jab to the end of the nose – a light pop, enough to make your eyes water and your throat lump – when the wishbone broke to far to the left. Here, wishes come true to often, and here, our wishes are crafted with purpose. To lose a wish is a rough bump, but to lose one to Falo was more. Falo did, of course, get what he wished for. He is a good puller of wishbones. He is not a good wisher, though, and this time it hurt us all.

  14. Alice,
    Comment 1: Eat it.
    Comment 2: Does this Falo fellow know you are proclaiming him a good puller of wishbones? He may not like it.

  15. seldomseen

    if you have any control over who can post and who can’t, and you damn well ought to have, maybe you can do something about alice? i mean, what in the bleepedy bleep was that all about? the metaphorical jab to the nose… here’s wishing for the real deal.
    and hey, isn’t there s’posed to be a video due in sometime?

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