Round 12 Video – Tournament Final

Nov 27, 2009 by

Round 12 Final Challenge (no word limit): Assign the challenge to yourself. It should be the most challenging one of them all.

Three days late, the video at last is up. Thanks to all of you who contributed. The final section — which is your section and which deserves to be its own video — is better than I could have ever imagined.
*Video correction: The final post and contestants’ introduction will be on Dec. 8th, not Dec. 4th.

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  1. What a way to end Host!!! Such a nostalgic video, made a little teary-eyed..

    But what an attractive & crazy posse you’ve managed to gather on this little cybernetic corner of yours! It was so surreal to see everyone’s faces!!!

    Praises to all the contestants, the host and to all of us commentors and participants who give Fourth Fiction so much flavour 😉


    PS: NOT cool about leaving us guessing on who won!!!!

    • I echo that. I can’t thank everyone enough. The commenters section is hands down the best part of all the Fourth Fiction videos. All I had to do was string together what you all sent me. You don’t want to know how many times I’ve watched this final part. I never tire of it.

  2. seldom seen

    On the off chance that we can use this as a dating forum, i’d like to officially wink at Renata. Heavens, woman, heavens.
    Host will give you my pertinant information…
    otherwise, extremely well done. i don’t know quite why it was 3 days late, but whatever.
    as far as not knowing a winner, what else did anyone expect from a reality show? still, there’s a few contestants i’d like to put a face to…any chance of that?

  3. Ha! We’re expanding into fresh territories here. I’ll have to make new cards: Fourth Fiction: where literature meets Survivor meets the Dating Game.

    Why was it three days late? Because 10 seconds of video time equate to one hour of shooting / editing. Do the math.

    Yes, there’s more than just a chance of putting faces to the contestants, but you’ll have to wait another week or so for that.

  4. Oh my, oh my!!!

    That was insane! I’m so happy I can’t even express!
    The video, the soundtrack, our faces (or masks…), the chroma key (lol)! WOW!

    Anna’s absolutely right: “What a way to end Host!!!”

    Thanks for this, host. It was amazing to see my own face like this!

    Congratulations to all of us, specially Constantine, of course- Fourth Fiction will be remembered forever, and we were part of this! 😀

    But, that said… really – how could you do this to us? I need to know who’s the winner! :(

  5. Oh, God, just read you, Seldom seen!
    I don’t know what to say! Didn’t see that coming!! :)

    *Blushing emoticon here*

  6. Whaaaaa?? You won’t even give us a *hint* as to who won?


    Fellow commenters – you are all AWESOME. It is SO cool to see you all!

    (talking of cool – thanks for including the snow, Host. It’s over 40 here – which is something over 100 fahrenheit…)

    And I loved the Connect Four World Championships! (c:

    If the next video includes the contestants – as well as announcing the winner – well, bring on the Fourth of December!

    • Jen

      I was wondering if the hint was the burlesque show. But then was there something in the video referring to Utah’s story also, and I just missed it?

    • Ha! When you’re choosing between two options, a hint may as well just be called a giveaway. Jen, you’re right about the burlesque being a reference to Coco (a very buffoonish one, I admit, which may come across as trivializing Coco’s not-at-all-glamorous subject despite my intentions at being tongue-in-cheek playful, but then again, the videos have been absurdly caricaturist from the beginning). There was also the wild Cyprus donkey (if you remember, that was Vasia’s challenge to her back in the round when readers gave the challenges), and the Swarovski star and the Cypriots talking about going to America… The references to Utah preceded Coco: the father and child walking in the playground (if you notice at the end the beam separates them while the song says “one is a number divided by two), the fruits and vegetables, the corn[field], and the farmer’s market.

      All that was a long way of saying: no, I’m not hinting. Or more like, I am hinting, but at both of them!

  7. Tony

    nice breaststroke, Conz. hahahaha

    i think you could have taken the Connect Four World Championship if you refused to blink and tried to pop your eyes out of your head like that other dude.

    and to all the lovely ladies: i’m single!

  8. tetra

    nice one Host et al

    I see patterns, like Vasia is into coloured wigs
    and annabones digs glam shades

    For the record, I am cyber single and in real life I am happily not!

    • Tetra, I don’t know why, but I always thought you were a woman! When I saw you in the video, I yelled: “He’s a guy!” :)

      • I had my suspicious Tetra was Tuck undercover! Somthing sounded quite similar in their post comments.

        And Host – is there a sneaky reason for Tetra having an asterix against his name?

        • Tetra as Tuck! I’m sure Tetra is getting a kick out of that. There’s no sneaky reason at all. He’s Fictional Writer on the Outside Participants page. That’s where the link — — that I included on his page leads you. He’s actually more caught up than the website suggests but he’s new to blogging so he’s had some trouble getting his last few responses up on his page.

          • tetra

            And I sure am!

            I take the remarks of these two lovely ladies as complements – from both sides of a rather wide divide!

            It is so very very interesting to put faces to writers.

            We’ve been at it for some time here on 4Fiction and responded to all sorts of things, so we get an image on our head about who else is out there commenting. The video was a real treat. I still havent digested some whos who. I was convinced little star and Kaylie J were savvy students who knew the net lingo. Meanwhile, I am the antiquarian using sentences …

            ..Or maybe the image I sent was a video of my boyfriend. hehe!

          • omgwtfbbq!!!11! i am leik totally hip and wif it!!!

            Or…maybe not (c:

  9. tetra

    hmm. Ive been reflecting.

    On the one hand I dont want a good thing to end, on the other we need some closure…maybe your idea of delayed gratification is, nevertheless, justified.


    • Jen

      I’m all for the delayed gratification because I’ll be sad when it’s over. I hope the big reveal at the end comes with a promise that there’ll be a Fourth Fiction 2 next year.

  10. Great video, excellently presented. Hope you managed to find time for the turkey. Agree with all the comments. Wish I was younger – those ‘biased’ females are all gorgeous. {;-)

    Well Coco and Utah, host has done what we all really wanted – to find out where you would both take us. The very best to you both, you don’t need luck you are both where you are at because you deserve to be there. Let the contest begin!

    PS: VERY cool about leaving us guessing on who won!!!!

    • Hope my take is right! Keep watching the video but I remain confused.

      Think I got it wrong!! Only the winner will submit now. Makes sense really.

      What are the publishers and editors going to decide? I thought at first it was who would be the winner.

      Hey! Someone put me right!!

      • You’ve got good reason to be confused. I was already over the 10-minute mark so I didn’t give nearly enough details and explanation at the end. But you’ve got it right. Only the winner will post the final entry on December 4th. As for the publishers and editors, there are a few who have an eye on the contest. What they decide isn’t who wins – the readers have already decided that. What they decide is if they want to publish.

        • Oops. So I got it wrong. The winner knows, it’s just us who have to wait till Dec. 4. That’s okay. And I’m pyshed a few editors are interested. That is fabulous. Can’t wait!

  11. Great video, Host. Brilliant use of green screen and facial hair! lol. I really love playing Connect Four, too. I’ll have to take you on one of these days, Host. :)

    Can’t wait until December 4.

    • You’re on, Judd, for the Connect Four. It was a total fluke that I made it to the final. I’d only intended to film there. Last time I played must have been twenty years ago. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. It’s like a mellow version of chess (or a very intense version of tic tac toe).

  12. Jen

    Hooray! That’s wonderful stuff, thank you Host. I loved getting to see everyone. And the dog & the lizard were also mesmerizing, but maybe that’s just me. What a lot of video to put together. I like how you reported from so many amazing places: Hawaii, a roller coaster, the moon…

    So incredibly cruel, making us wait to find out the winner. But it works.

  13. Woah! Way cool. So you tricky devil, you! You’re letting them both finish their stories!! GREAT video. So wonderful to see all the faces.

  14. Really brilliant move to keep us all hanging Host!

    I got a little teary with the commenters section as well, guns and all! You’re all beautiful on top of articulate.

    I’m feeling withdrawal symptoms already. Can we have a cyber reunion at some point in the future? I’ll bring the e-cupcakes! :)

  15. I think we’ve watched it three times now. I could just sit and watch the end over and over. Found not only was I a little teared up, but I was waving (very sad and ever sadder to admit in public) to familiar friends and foes. Dylan sat reading the names and asking who everyone was. He thought you were pretty cool Tony – he’d like one of those masks now, and probably a few tatts to go with it.

    Was going to ask Host – are you Movembering? Just wondered with all the facial hair that’s going on.

    Like you Jen – Dylan loved the dog and the lizard. Just goes to show you shouldn’t pick on something smaller than you.

    JD: hard company to keep indeed – all these beautiful women (thus I found myself a cute kid to be next to for viewer distraction)

    • Oh and Host – is there anything you don’t excel at? Loved the music they were playing in the background of the connect four contest… was thinking they could of got the song from Chess with “One Night in Bangkok” – but I’m pretty sure the song they used was from the same era (1985? thanks to an old album still kicking around at my Mum’s house.)

      And the dude who won – he needs to get out more!

      • The song in the background is Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” and it was on the same complication vinyl with “One Night In Bangkok.” I had it stuck in my head all morning yesterday, as I was slaving out in the sun (it was 30+C at 8am here yesterday and about 80% humidity) scrubbing kindy chairs. Cruel Summer indeed …

    • I said ‘all’ Jodi.

    • No, it just happened to be coincidence about the November mustache. I meant to shave it off during the video but I ran out of time (and will power) and didn’t want to film any more scenes of myself. I did once have a mustache for two years but this one will likely meet a razor sharp fate in a few days…

      As for Connect Four, it may sound like false humility but, unlike with Keith, it was a surreal stroke of luck that I made it to the final. Plenty of players got knocked out along the way who would have or should have beat me. It must have been the power of the Fourth carrying me through. As Yoda might say, May the Fourth be with you.

  16. Keith


    The dude who won that Connect 4 tournament does get out a lot- really. I ran the NYC marathon on November 1st, and just woke up after a night of clubbing in Madrid (it is 11:50AM over here).

    I play chess (just like our really tall host- I am just over 6 feet tall, and was looking up to him) also, and on some of the long bus rides when I was on the chess team (free trips all around the country- lots of fun) in college we would play connect 4 for a while. It is a pattern-based game, like chess, and once you get used to what comes up, it isn´t such a complicated game. :-)

    And wow…. I have really big eyes. (5:27 – 5:32 in the video above)

    • tetra

      dig it

      but what’s height got to do with anything?

      having said that I do look up to the Host, what with him the supreme being on the website…

      but that could just be my techno ignorance coming out

      I only figured how to post a comment because there is a useful tab sporting the following useful text “submit comment”

    • I stand in apology Keith – it just seemed like a rather bizarre game to excel at – but given the history, seems entirely “normal”. Maybe I will have to give my next MC the super power of Connect Four (my son is into super heroes and powers at the moment – maybe I should whip out Connect Four power at him.)

  17. Haha! Welcome Keith – and congrats on the Connect Four World Title (c:

    Perhaps being super tall helps when it comes to strategy games. Which would explain why I’m so chronically useless at them all…

    • You and me littlestar. Maybe if I had some more time to invest in getting my head around them. dylan almost beat me at checkers the other day… that would have been a humbling experience, to play checkers worse than a five year old!

  18. Vasia – just to add my praise to your work. I had seen it much earlier in the competition but chose not to comment at the time. As I said in one comment, I thought then that you might be married to Constantine!

    Hope you recover soon.

    • tetra

      I like your work Vasia, but I am also a contrarian…which,in principle (seeing all the praise you are gathering), would mean that I would have to say that I am not that impressed by your work etc, etc

      …but that would be lying

      which is against another principle…flexible principle…


      I shouldnt post this

      it would be a lot simpler

      >submit comment< oops!

    • Thank you JD. I do remember your comment – hard to forget being mistaken for my brother’s wife — perfectly understandable though, until you see that we both wear the same nose! :)

  19. Beran

    Oh my god, what a torture I had! Didnt have the chance to watch the video till today, its amazing! Great to see all of you people, you are all wonderful! and host, what are you planning there? I am so suspicious!


    • I second Beran’s comment! DYLAN – you ARE the best! We love you!

      • I should have let Dylanhave him own video! Bad mother than I am :)But seeings he’d already had 60 seconds of fame earlier on thought it best to combine.

        Not sure if I need to tell him all this fanfare… five year olds don’t need more ego fuel. Too bad neither of you are close enough to babysit for us on Saturday night.

        Vasia – I’ll show Dylan the trailer of your movie too… he was intrigued with all the footage from your doco included in the FF video.

        • I agree!! Dylan is adorable!! He should have his own blog. With pictures (c:

          • Dylan does appear occassionally on my blog for the 365 day photo challenge. I could easily take a photo of him everyday, but it’s meant be about me, not him, this particular project. Plus he seems to have all of a sudden developed “camera shyness.”

            As I speak he is beating me up because he’s embarrassed – imaging having a mother giving you grief about all these lovely ladies saying you’re cute! I’d NEVER do that.

    • Dylan is really the cutest! I’ve tried to convince my baby daughter (10 years old) to show up her gorgeous face with me, but failed. She’s really shy, and almost a teenager, so, be in a video with her Mommy wouldn’t be that much fun, I guess… 😛

      Beran, You may not tell by that image, but we could be twins! Everybody who knows me and had seen the video thought I’ve send two photos!!

  20. Anyone else feel like it’s too quiet in here?.. I miss Utah and Coco’s comments!

    • Me too, Anna! And I wonder what are they doing right now…

      They must be crazy just reading us, forbidden to comment! Poor girls… 😀

      • Yes, but if Coco and Utah were able to comment right now they’d have to pretend they didn’t know who had won. One of them would probably unwittingly give littlestar, our honorary savvy student, the hint she was looking for…

        • It’s not just the contestants who could accidentally give the winner away.

          For instance, it’s veeeeeeery interesting, Host, the way you mentioned Coco’s name first… (c;

          (I’m just kidding…maybe)

          I guess Coco and Utah are reading this. It’s quiet without you both! Congratulations to whoever won. You’re both great writers – both deserving winners – but I’d just like to say…

          GO UTAH!

  21. seldom seen

    I tend to agree, Annasbones. It feels like a bunch of people telling each other how highly they regard each other, with the hopes that they’ll get it told back to them. I’m glad i’m innocent of that, at least. Right, Renata?
    Still, there’s a huge gut wrenching feeling of the best movie ever about to end…really, its more like reading the best book in the world and we’re all on the last damn page. I miss Nora’s trashy little tale, and Tess’ sass, and Olaf’s bluntness and Tuck’s- no wait, i don’t miss Tuck. The problem for me is that i just don’t care about Coco’s story, and only vaguely am i waiting for Utah’s. So like all good and wonderful things, the ending is never worth it.

    • hehehe, right!

      But, Seldom Seen, we are really on the last page…

      It’ll be so sad when it finally ends…

      At least my favorite is still running – Go Coco, go! :)

    • Seldom seen, impressive how you effortlessly parody, insult and compliment in the same breath. You pull it off well. Plus some mocking self-awareness thrown in (though not much tact: you won’t win any points with Renata by dissing Coco).

    • tetra

      if its insults you want, just let me know, I have the necessary qualifications, as Vasia knows.

      Having said that I tend to agree with you on the finale.

      Otherwise, bring Tuck back.

      There is nothing like having someone unpopular around. The political – hysterical fits he inspired were truly awesome.

  22. Eros

    Host, great video again, glad to see this time you played around with the video editor rather then the other way around. I can’t get over how fitting each of the Tim Burton drawings are to their respective writers. The farmers market and the burlesque are great. I love how you use the scenes from Vasia’s doco. I love the guys singing in market. Vasia I love your eye, you show the world in a way I haven’t seen before. It’s not riding on your brother coattails when you are just as talented. It’s host being a good bro and taken you along for the ride. :) Host, I love being able to see all the commentators. I have watched that part countless times and see littlestar I told smart and beautiful always go together. I am sad to see this all end, so I am glad that you kept us all hanging on tel the 4th. Love, Eros

    • eeep – thank you, Eros (c:

    • And just to continue our lovely stream of ego-booster comments (and to drive Seldom Seen over the cliff’s edge), Eros, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? We’ve missed you! And I loved your contribution to the video by the way! Like a face emerging from cake frosting but much more subterranean than that. Not sure if I should laugh or cry when I look at it. Maybe a bit of both…

      UTAH, COCO, OLAF, even TUCK, we miss you!

      Oh, and forgot to hail Host’s not-so-subtle reference to Tuck in the “unTucked” shirt statement. Very clever…

      • That wasn’t my clever reference. It was Chris Chartrand’s. It was one of his video challenges for me (hence me untucking my shirt in front of the drink specials at the Thirsty Whale… not exactly an imaginative interpretation).

      • Eros

        I have been around just haven’t had any time to comment. I have been fighting this chaos I call a life, keeps me pretty busy most days…lol I am glad you like the contribution to the video, subterranean is a good way to put it. I was in a dark room when I shot that video, just the tiny light from my cell phone… So see what I mean about a good eye. 😉 Both works for me that’s what I do, still can’t believe I sent it in. Your right it does look like a frosted face. :)Love, Eros

        • I’m proud to say I’m launching us into the triple digits with this message! Mainly, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and also, Eros, I hope you’ve sorted things out, at least until they get messy again, because that’s how it works right?!

          • Eros

            I can’t wait for tomorrow ether! And yes everything is going fine for now…lol So you are feeling better now?

            “Unhurt people are not much good in the world.”- Enid Starkie

            A? 😉 Love, Eros

  23. Beran

    Hey Renata! I can only be delighted if it is the case, because you look so beautiful there :)
    One more similarity: COCO, COCO!, COCO!

  24. tetra

    a confession

    I didnt vote in the last round. Now, before you start, I meant to. Its just I logged on the last night and the poll closed midday US and I just missed it, being about 7hrs ahead.

    Does that classify as sitting on the fence?

    Why? Because I still dont know who I would have voted for. hehe!

    • And now it’s turning into a confessional as well! Who’s next? Come on people! Bring on your deepest and darkest.. We’re all friends here. Muah ha ha ha ha!

      • My confessional was Friday evening after too many beers… and thankfully I steered clear of here that evening.

        If I were to force myself to think of something, my confession is I don’t think I will finish my novella by 4th December, unless something very bizarre happens (like time stands still but still allows me to write).

      • Confession: it’s 2:10am and I’m reading comments on this website… it’s an addiction. Umph.

  25. tetra

    1st of December. It looks like the count down to xmas has begun, and Im a bit older than Dylan, but some things dont change.

    Fitting that I am represented by an electricuted xmas tree. So many lights up where I am, all wrapped around trees.

    It feels personal. hehe

  26. seldom seen

    this is all going downhill fast. Host, you’d better post something quick-like, even if its just a stop gap measure. maybe you can ask olaf if he knows any salty limericks? 3 more days of this? why am i even checking???????

  27. Change of subject – while we wait!
    I posted this on Twitter thinking I was being quite clever!!! I never got any response. Is it just me being stupid???
    (Think – Cern Large Hadron Collider).

    ‘In the year 13,699,799,990BC scientists of the day had just successfully increased the speed of the beams to give an energy of 1.18TeV.’

    • My tiny brain is trying to get my head around this JD – though the sci-fi writing geek which has been trying to get out of me, loves it. My partner who is a geologist, turned environmental scientist, suggested for my NaNo novel, my MC finds rock stratas with fossilised plastics etc, indicated an advanced civilisation there millions of years earlier. So this piques my interest…

  28. JD, it’s probably not you being stupid, but more like other people feeling like they’re stupid. You may enjoy this clip of Stephen Colbert talking about the Hadron Collider:

    Jodi, I didn’t really understand what you meant about the Christmas message. Seeing that this post has become a forum for everything from flirtations to confessions to nuclear physics, I don’t see why Christmas tidings wouldn’t have a place. I’m sure Seldom Seen will love it…

    • Thanks for the URL Constantine, wish I could watch it!! His site always comes back to say ”Sorry, videos are not currently available in your country” – should take him up for discrimination.

  29. Beran

    :) I love this site! haha

    • Jen

      So do I! I woke up this morning with 40 messages in my inbox, all from this post. Now that we’ve all seen each other we can’t get enough!

  30. You can get countdown widgets online – I think you should add one to the site Constantine. Something like the one counting up the US debt total except counting down in seconds to the fourth – its more important!

    I take it that will be one second after midnight on the 3rd of December 2009 EST.

    May the Fourth be with you – I liked that!

    • Thanks for the great idea about the countdown widget, JD. I’ll do that. I do have a “season finale” time in mind. I’ll post about it soon…

      Sorry you can’t see the Colbert link. For some reason, the Colbert website is sometimes accessible in the UK and sometimes not.

  31. Great video, Constantine. Thanks for making sure I got to see it with the email link. Impressive to see all those people who previously have been words on a screen. Looking forward to a rousing conclusion to Fourth Fiction.

  32. Dan, I’m glad you were able to see the video through the email link. I was upset to learn the video can’t be seen in Germany (only Germany for some reason) because the music backing the Tim Burton drawings ‘may violate Sony Records copyright.’ That’s also the reason why everyone else gets a small pop advertisement in the beginning to buy the song “One.” The irony is that I purchased the song on iTunes to use it on the video. Had I just snagged a free bootlegged copy from one of the file sharing sites I wouldn’t have run into any of the copyright issues.

  33. seldom seen

    Gosh, that is ironic. Oh, the injustice of it all…

  34. Eros

    Congratulations on winning Coco!! :)

  35. OMG! You guys need to see this… Host in a radio interview about Fourth Fiction !

  36. Congrats Host! Can’t wait!
    Happy Birthday Renata! (two of my close friends also share your birthday!)
    And my apologies for misunderstanding you Seldom Seen – I don’t think it’s your fault, I think it’s e-communication in general. Forgive me?

  37. seldomseen

    can i think about it for a day or two? it may not sound like it but i’m extremely sensitive and prone to sobbing.
    i’ll get back to you after i’ve renewed a few prescriptions.

  38. No problem. I’m patient. Is there a prescription delivery speedboat for the islanders?

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