Round 11 Video – The Video Challenge

Nov 17, 2009 by

Opening footage from the Yankees Ticker Tape Parade. The rest is a surprise. Watch the video to find out who the two Fourth Fiction finalists are.

November 24th is the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species so the this round’s challenge has to do with survival and evolution. Round 11 Challenge (1500 words): Put your main character in danger in a new and hostile environment. There should be a struggle for survival through which new aspects of his or her personality are revealed.

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  1. Jen

    Fantastic! I’m very impressed (with the video, regardless of the voting results.) My goodness you have dedication.

    *ecstasy over the NYPL*

  2. Beran

    Nice video host :))

  3. Whoa!!!! You did ALL the challenges??!! You are *insane* !!!
    This was well worth the wait. Best video yet!! Outstanding host :)

    PS: I hate that Olaf got voted off… He should have made the final.

  4. Fantastic video!! I just can’t believe you managed to get so much into such a short time space. The work input there puts us all to shame (or at least it does me). To plan, capture and edit so much and to do it so well is really excellent. Well done – *****. You guys are going to go far.

  5. Absolutely blown away. Talk about taking it to the extreme Host. Is there anything you wont do (and now people – no suggestions about posting vids on time!)

    Couldn’t believe the Brazillian Jujitsu – it looked like a cross between wrestling and tantric sex??!! Where is Tess when you need her?

    Hope you catch up on the sleep soon. The challenge fits perfectly with where my storyline is going. Can’t wait to find out the word count. Hope it is a big one :)

  6. Beran

    Not happy with the result though. Anyway, at least my favorite is still in , COCO!

  7. Coco made it!! 😀
    But I can’t watch the video here -work’s computer… Damn it! I’m so, so curious!!!

    *I’ve to write my round ten yet, and now another challenge… Oh Gosh, days should have 36 hours each, not 24…

  8. Best. Video. Ever.

    Too bad about the supremely talented writer leaving the competition though )c:

    You must have got so many weird looks and comments from people!

    Remind me never, ever to offend a Brazilian. Man, do they know how to jiu-jitsu. Eeep!

    I like the singing around 6.43 especially (c:

    • I thought you might like the Twinkle Twinkle. I realized after the ice skating that the “Bring Back Tuck” t-shirt was also supposed to have a big pink heart. But the shirt did have a little gold star. It’s hard to see but it’s near the collar.

      • That’s okay – after all, a golden little star trumps a gaudy, showy pink heart any day (c:

        I’ll have to watch the video again to try and spot it!

  9. Hell of a video, I’ll say that much. What I’d like to know is, did you buy those ice trays for the video or is that what you use? After the stunts you pulled, owning up to heart shaped ice cubes is small fry.

    Not what I was hoping to see before heading out today but what can you do. I was in the right place at the right time for most of the contest but I got fooled this time. I gave her a good run anyhow.

    I didn’t expect the catered rejection letter. A Maine lobsterman no less. Thanks for hauling, Cap. That takes away some of the sting. Those were pretty shots from the boat. That’s what you call a keeper. And I’m not talking about the bugs.

    • Really sorry to see you out Olaf. You fought a brave fight against the females of the species and I suspect that the odds were stacked against you in terms of the gender ratio of voters. I regret not voting for you now – it would have been a better tactical move, trouble is I don’t tend to think that way in this type of scenario and I just voted for who I thought was best overall so far. If host would let you post as a non-finalist, I’m sure there are lots of people out there who would just love to know your finale. What do you say Host?

      • Jen

        I didn’t vote according to gender, and you’re saying you didn’t, either. Doesn’t it seem strange to assume that other people did?

        • My point was more related to a feeling (which may not be valid) that there may well be more female followers of the ‘reality show’ than male ones and that, hence, there may be a tendency to naturally reflect the feminine line. I was not intending to sound sexist though I appreciate that that is how it may have come across!

          • Jen

            Oh well. The effect of a reader’s gender on how they perceive and enjoy writing depending on the writer’s gender is pretty fascinating stuff. I’d be interested in the results a poll that told us if your feeling is at all true.

          • Personally, I think the whole gender thing is totally irrelevant.

            All of the writers here are writing under pseudonyms – which means that, chances are, some of them aren’t telling us the truth. Or maybe they were just playing a part.

            You think Utah’s really from Utah? Maybe Tuck was a fifteen year old girl? (ha!) What if Tess was a middle-aged man, living in his Mum’s basement? Or Fido wasn’t actually a dog?

            Because, really, how could he have typed with his paws? (c:

        • I’d be one hell of a lousy writing teacher if I judged students’ writing according to their gender!! In fact, I was under the impression that Utah was male. Am I wrong?

          • Jen

            Yup, Utah is female. :) I didn’t realize, either, until a few of the comments.

          • Lol Littlestar, loving the image of Tuck as a 15 year old girl! I wonder now about Nora.. Any thoughts on that? hehe

          • Anna – I guess I’ll get to meet Nora quite soon when she comes all the way to Australia to beat the crap outta me for being mean to her after her goodbye post. Eeep!

            Um, Nora? No hard feelings, okay? Now, put down the knife… (c:

      • JD, it’s up to Olaf if he wants to keep writing. I wouldn’t post it before the contest ends but afterwards I definitely would.

    • I am sorry to see you go, Olaf. You were a true fighter and yours was an excellent story.

    • No, I didn’t buy the ice cube trays for the video. That’s just what was in the freezer. I’m not sure where they came from. They worked great for the video, but they fall far short on their duties as ice trays. They just don’t give you enough ice for your effort.

      I hope you still finish your story, Olaf. I too was hoping to see it develop.

  10. Great video and a shame to see Olaf go.

  11. seldomseen

    Olaf, it doesn’t seem right what with you producing the finest kind of writing there.

    And oh god, you should see her sister.

  12. Beran

    Coco Loco, Ol`Afterhours
    Utah Shootah :) great detail!

  13. Great video Host. Olaf, I’m sorry to see you go.

  14. WOA! I can’t belIEVE you covered all the challenged. Quite impressed by Statue of Liberty and harmonica; however, MOST impressed by your Brazilian accent and your jiu-jitsu! You are clearly not a beginner (my martial arts school teaches jiujitsu at night, I hate it). Boy, and you ice skate, too. Wonderful dedication. Worth the wait. Sorry to see Olaf go, but someone had to. So far, I am not in disagreement with the votes.

    • I may have covered all of the challenges but some were questionably liberal interpretations! ie. including a cornfield and climbing the Statue of Liberty (then again, tickets to enter the statue of liberty are all booked up until December and I just didn’t have it in me to head to Iowa looking for cornfields…)

      I used to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fairly regularly but it’s been about a decade. I sure felt it the next morning. I’ve always liked it because it’s like playing chess with your body.

  15. Incredible!! I loved most scene of Host greeting travellers to America. How that must have looked to them! Also I laughed very hard when parrot said Woof. Like true Fourth Fiction parrot! Like Jodi say it was very strange to see the Brazilian Jujitsu. I’m not used to seeing man with legs rapped around other man. This is what they should teach women to help for self protection.

    Fishing too was beautiful. Especially without music so we can hear sounds of boat and sea. Was that Annikki I saw? :)

    How happy I am to get voted to continue but also little sad because I loved very much to read Olaf’s story. Like icy river where surface is cold and flat but underneath water is strong and flowing. I agree like JD that we should have Olaf continue with writing here!

    Ack what time it is! I have to go :(

    • I thought the same thing about the girl on the boat! It’s Anikki!

      GAH, now I’m going to be forever wondering who gets zapped with the electric harpoon thingy…

      (provided that’s the way Olaf was going to kill someone. For all I know, they put down the electric harpoon safely, then Anikki/Ron steps backwards, slips on a misplaced banana peel and falls overboard or something)

  16. tetra

    well, for the record I voted for you Olaf. From being your no 1 disser I became a fan. What more can I say?

    Good luck to the survivors. There are good reasons why you are still in.

    As for 4th F. Im already suffering pre withdrawal symptom blues.

    THe ju jitsuing host and the parrots improveed my mood and were my favs in this weeks video. Interesting challenge.

    Good luck and be seeing you all.

  17. Thanks, all. I’m glad you enjoyed the video and I appreciate all the comments. In the next day or so you’ll get an email from me about the next Fourth Fiction video. I’m hoping you’ll all be willing to participate in it in a small way. Details coming soon.

  18. I just received an email from Joan Begs asking me to delete this comment. She said she wasn’t in her right mind when she posted it and that even though it came across as very sarcastic, she actually never meant to insult any of the contestants when she wrote it: “I feel deeply sorry and terrible ashamed about the comment I did on your blog. As soon as the submit push button was pressed I felt a cold sweat on my spine, I knew immediately that I did something terrible wrong.” I think that says it all.

    I deleted the comment as Joan asked and replaced it with this one. May this comment saga come to an end. I actually deleted this post shortly after it was posted because I felt it was insulting to Coco; then I reposted it because I felt I overreacted and had no right to have done that; and now here I am re-deleting it on Joan’s request. True (lit) reality show drama. Hopefully we can put it all behind us now.

    • Joan you don’t have to give me vote but also you don’t need to make fun of me. Before you said very nice things about my writing so I don’t know why you now make mocking of me. Eh anyway its okay because I survive this far and no one can take that away from me!

    • Joan — This really feels below the belt to me. Coco made it this far because her analogies and imagery is fresh and unusual and because she has created interesting, three-dimensional characters. It is much too easy to parody writers, I think. This pissed me off.

    • I’m glad you had a change of heart, Joan (c:

  19. Hmm, I must be thick because this one went completely over my head.

  20. Agreed that this is the best video yet by the HOST, although I’ve felt that every time he posts a new one. The standards are quite high for the last video now HOST. Maybe you need to recruit a local director or actor to help you put the nail in the final coffin – not that you need it, but hey, it could be fun – you think Scorsese or Coppola have any spare time on their hands? I have to say, I have not been following the outside participant stories, but will do so very soon, but just a reminder to all of you not to forget them! Olaf, you MUST finish your story. I didn’t want to vote this round because it was so hard even to pick a favorite! Please, don’t leave us hanging – you owe it to us, we’ve brought you this far at least – a bronze metal is nothing to be ashamed of! Good luck Coco and Utah! Oh, and LOVED the final boat scene off the Monhegan shore! Compliments to the fisherman!

    • tetra

      Its time for Olaf to go back where he belongs. haha

      Full body yellow pvc suites… Damn, we should have kept Nora on simply to map out the erotic possibilities. hehe

    • Thanks Vasia for the Outside Participants plug. Would love to have you stop by to have a read. Most of us are nutters who are combining Fourth Fiction with the National Novel Writing month (and in my case also publishing my first ever anthology) with nine other writers!)

  21. How nice to have Internet again! Just in time too! I’m happy I didn’t have to wait a week again to watch the video. I can only echo the compliments that preceded me. Wonderfully done. I only wish we had more time before the writing has to be in.

    Olaf you will be sorely missed. You’ve always been one of my favorites.

  22. I invite all of you who have ever commented on Fourth Fiction to email me a short video (no more than eight seconds long) of your face looking into the camera, not saying anything, ideally against a neutral background. If that isn’t possible, you could always send me a photograph (again of the face only, preferably against a neutral background). I would like to use these videos/images in the next Fourth Fiction video. Alongside your image I will state your Fourth Fiction commenter name and your website, if you have one.

    I would prefer to have you looking dead on at the camera, but if any of you want to stay anonymous, you can always shoot it in a way so that it doesn’t give away your identity (side profiles / shadows / masks / etc.). If you can get them to me by this Saturday, November 21st that would be ideal. At the very latest I would have to get them on Sunday.

    You can email them to me at:
    If the files are too large to email, you can always download a free version of Pando – – and email them to me that way. If you have any questions feel free to ask in a comment or by email.

    Thanks and I hope you’re all willing to do this. Putting faces to the words should make for a fascinating compilation.

  23. Love the video! Specially the “Welcome to America” part. I wonder what those people had thought!

    But I have to say: I’ve never heard any English speaker speaking Portuguese without an accent!
    Even those who are here for a long time. That’s because Portuguese has some phonemes that are almost impossible for you guys to reproduce…
    On the other hand, we, Portuguese speakers, have some problems with the English “th” sound…
    However, I’ve seen Brazilians been mistaken for Americans, but never the opposite… 😀

    • I don’t think those people thought too much of the flag-waving guy welcoming them to America. Especially because they were all New Yorkers who are used to seeing weird things like that. Staten Island is part of NYC and is only twenty minutes away by ferry…

  24. Ha ha Renata!! But a Cypriot being mistaken for a Brazilian is entirely possible! :)

    • Oh gosh, the misspelling curse! hahaha I meant “being mistaken”, of course!

      And I don’t know about that Vasia! ;P LOL

  25. Full body yellow PVC suits? Tetra, what kind of clubs do you frequent? Bib pants and jacket is the standard. Orange, not yellow. Actually Grunden’s does make a one piece suit but I stay away from those. I like to be able to take a leak on the fly.

  26. Tony

    Great vid, Conz!!!! my fav scene was of the red sox fan under duress; that was real! also, you almost had that dude in the arm triangle… i didn’t know you practiced the bjj

  27. Eros

    Host, Vasia is right you keep out doing yourself every time. It’s great how you managed to do all the challenges. Loved the ticker tape parade, it looks like it would be a lot of fun to be there for it. I also thought it was very fitting that the macaw braked. :) That was a very interesting view of the Empire State Building from the library, I don’t think I have seen that one before. Jodi I am so glad that you said it about the brazilian jiu jitsu, so I didn’t have to be the first one to bring it up. Some of those holds look like they could hurt pretty bad, especially the leg lock ones, I don’t think my knees could have taken that kind of strain. Olaf sorry to see you go, I hope you do keep writing so we can see where your story goes from here. I don’t think there could have been a more fitting tribute to you then the Maine coast looking like that. There was so much in this video that I could comment on, so I will just end with great video. Love, Eros

    • I am so glad to have ventured forth with the stupid comments – to save the rest of you the embarrassment.

      Afterwards was thinking how this should be the self defence all women should be learning – as you say Host, most fights end up on the ground. I’d love to know I could stop a man dead in his tracks with a leg lock. Maybe I’ll incorporate that in my round 11 installment ?

  28. You don’t hear it on the video, Tony, but that Red Sox fan actually claimed he was a Yankee fan and said he was just doing it as a joke. I’d say he was just trying to save his skin. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve trained in BJJ. I thought I had him in that triangle but he gritted it out. Plus, I’m rusty and I probably didn’t shift my hips out to the side enough or hook my leg snug enough or something.

    Eros, most people have the same impression as you and Jodi had on first seeing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The sight of a guy with his legs wrapped around another guy can do that. But after a while you don’t think anything more of it. I find it to be the most practical (as far as self-defence) of all the martial arts. It was developed in Brazil based on Japanese Jiu Jitsu and applied to street fighting, which almost always ends up in a grapple. Jiu Jitsu’s philosophy is that, since most fights end up on the ground, once you get there, you know what to do.

    It was the first time I noticed the Statue of Liberty through the NY public library window. That’s one good thing about filming (and photography). It teaches you to see better.

  29. From Dylan:

    Love your funny, funky glasses. They’re really cool. They’re funny because they had spikes for the crown on top. I liked the groovy music from the soliders going “yeah”. Thank you for putting Ghost Busters in. My Mum forgot to let me put my suggestions in. Bye! Hope you have a good day :)

    PS: from Jodi. We had to watch it twice and as a family sat here and picked out all the challenges! A video montage version of Where’s Wally!

  30. Dylan, I noticed your mother forgot to ask you about your suggestions so I put in the glasses and the Ghostbusters section in hopes you might like that. I’m glad I wasn’t wrong. The parrot too was for you, even though Vasia asked me to include it. The groovy music with the soldiers is pretty good, isn’t it? Better than the funny chanting they were making us do! See you in the next video with your mom.

  31. Coco has submitted her post but I decided this round to post the two responses simultaneously. As soon as Utah submits hers, I’ll post them both, along with the poll.

  32. Oh, that’s cruel, Host! I’m so curious!! :)

  33. “the electric harpoon thingy”… well well little star. How’d you know what the old timers call it?

    You may yet find out who gets zapped or slips on the banana peel. I’ve still got my parting statement don’t I?

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