Round 10 Video – Marathon and Masquerade

Nov 6, 2009 by

Nora has been eliminated. Β The three remaining contestants vying to finish their respective novellas are Coco, Olaf, and Utah.

The eliminated contestant assigns the Round 10 challenge. The challenge Nora gave Β – “Kill off your main character” – would effectively end at least one of the contestants’ stories, so I’ve amended it slightly toΒ “Kill off one of your characters.” The word limit is 1200 words.

See the video for more details. Includes footage from the 2009 New York Marathon, the NYC Halloween Parade, and the dog costume contest The Great PUPkin.

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  1. Beran

    Nice one Nora, what a graceful way to go; killing characters on your way out! Ha!
    Anyway I am very happy that COCO got most of the votes!
    Now fingers crossed for Coco and Olaf final.
    p.s: Very good video by the way, as always.

  2. Ooooh I’m the first to comment – there is an upside to being on the down side (so to speak of hemispheres!) Shock shock shock! I almost choked on my Friday beer when you announced who was out (but not mentioning it here – because I’ve been caught out not knowing and reading the comment bar before watching the vid!)

    Another awesome video Host and hope those Gin Blossoms are not hurting too much when you get up. Looks chilly in NYC suddenly – far cry from the heat wave when you started.

    I’m missing being part of the reparte which is being played out in the comments because of NaNo duties – hopefully I’ll finish early and be able to be part of it all towards the end.

    Now to decide who to kill off and when to find the time to write it? Oh hum? Does this mean good-bye Frank Coco?

  3. Host, you may have stayed up all night to get the video uploaded – but it was pure amazing-ness!!!

    Olaf makes a surprisingly gorgeous doggie (c:

    To the departing contestant – supremely EVIL challenge. Well done!!

    I’m very sorry to see you go, however…

    I’m intrigued as to who the remaining writers are going to kill. Jodi – I think Frank’s days are numbered!

    Nice costume, Host! Isis would definitely approve (c:

  4. Sweeeeeet video host! Happy we got a glimpse of you in your costume but… what were you exactly? Toilet paper mummy with a cross around your neck? Very bizarre πŸ˜‰ (although, admittedly not as bizarre as that breast-stroking bird… ).

    As for Nora, sad to see you leave, your genre was entertaining and I enjoyed it very much despite my playful remarks. However, the other three contestants have very powerful stories and their writing seems perfectly catered to the Fourth Fiction format, it’s a great trio for the finale. It was definitely a tough round voting-wise though. I do hope we ‘meet’ again in December, I’m curious!

    Now this next round should be VERY interesting!! I can’t wait to read the entries *restless in her chair*, who’s going to die!!

    PS: Now about that free drink, Miss Bartender, is that just for Nora? πŸ˜‰

  5. I thought I had 50 / 50 per cent chance to leave this time. Even if I don’t make it to end I can always be happy to have made favourite when only four of us was left, which is magic number here.

    I think only if someone watches video four times can they see how many times number four come up. Maybe Utah should have won vote because she was contestant number 44! :)

    Bye bye Nora even though you are making me to kill when I don’t want it.

    I want to come to for cock tails in New York but its more hard for me. Maybe I can find way to come even without Frank πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m all for a wrap up bash at No Idea. First four rounds on me.

  7. Not fair! I can’t meet you there…! Brazil is a little far from NYC! : )

    Coco, I’m so happy you made it through!! Sorry for Nora, but she left in a very classy way – what a challenge! (I’m suffering from an exclamation point addiction here! :D)

    Can’t wait to read Coco’s next round! Who’s going to be killed??

  8. Almost a great video. It’s bad enough the Yankees won the series, but on top of that you make me into Mark Teixeria? That was a cheap shot.

    Nora, too bad. I wanted to see you go all the way.

  9. Brazil may not be close, Renata, but compared to Australia it’s in the neighborhood. Time for a Fourth Fiction fundraising campaign.

    I couldn’t resist, Olaf.

    • Sheesh, Renata – you could practically walk to NYC from Brazil!

      I’m in Sydney, Australia, where a flight to New York costs…oh, around $1,400 Australian. And that’s just one way. In economy.

      This is why the closest I’ve ever been to international travel is reading Lonely Planet books (siiiigh)

  10. My internet has been down for several days so I’m writing now from a library computer. Normally no internet wouldn’t bother me but that was in my pre Fourth Fiction days! Nora, what a devilish challenge you’ve left us with. You’ve derailed my plans for the next round. I can’t watch the video now so I hope I don’t need to know anything else for the challenge besides killing off one of the characters!

  11. tetra

    So an end to Noras sizzling home baked imaginings. If you were a bloke I would say keep it up Nora. Definitely a head and shoulders above Mills & Boon but maybe for a different audience. I guess when a reader has got the idea of your ripe parody it seems not so much to move forward as to circle around – around pillowy breasts, flayling nostrils and all things in between and below.

    If I said you will be sorely missed you might get the wrong idea. Your opening posts definitely kept me coming back to 4th fiction for more. Now my tastes seem to have moved on and tales which are not overdone but which are strong and suggest depth draw me as they are coming into their stride in the final laps of the race.

    So be careful Coco, I think your tale is somewhat too fantastic for my tastes. It is one thing to woo the reader, another to keep em coming back for more. Im not here to buy a drink, Im half way though my readerly meze and Im looking for something with novelistic implications.
    Remember I am a swing vote. All of you have got to fight to get me to favourite you. That is if you want to stay for the next challenge!

  12. seldom seen

    hmmm. it could be interesting to have all of the commentators in one bar, in the big Apple, in december. what about the contestants, host? I’d personally like to meet Nora and i suspect littlestar is keen on tuck. shit, sounds like fun to me.
    but first things first and lets get it on, so to speak, with the three finalists…
    who gets it Olaf? can’t wait.

  13. Sure, sounds like fun, but looking at the bills under that cocktail it also sounds pricey. Don’t know I’d stick around for more than the first four rounds.

  14. Ok, guys, I agree… At least, I’m also in America! (South America, same continent :))

    But I’ve to agree with Olaf… It sounds expensive… Just the first four rounds for me as well! πŸ˜€

  15. We’ll all be celebrating … the evening of the 4th will be the 5th here in Aust and the official launch of our anthology.

  16. Eros

    Host you have out done yourself again this video. The dogs in their little costume are great, the birds of war were even better. πŸ˜‰ The cherry scene is very hot, it not an easy task to do right. It is really too bad that Nora had to go. I so wanted to see where she was going next. But you did a very nice tribute to her in the video and I love the music choice. I really do like the way that you have been showing New York, it’s has been lovely to see it throw your eyes. What a killer challenge this week, I hope everyone is up for it. Love, Eros

  17. This is a great video! Best one yet. No wonder you stayed up all night. It shows. If you want a video of a dog peeing while standing on her front paws, you’re welcome to come shoot my Natalie.

  18. Ha! I’m trying to picture that… Thanks for the offer. Can Natalie open an envelope at the same time with her back paws?

  19. Utah’s Internet is still down so I’m extending the deadline for her to 10am EST tomorrow to allow her to submit her response from a library. The poll will go up immediately after she posts.

  20. Apologies to those anxious to vote. I’ve just submitted my post. I’ll get my Internet taken care of ASAP!

  21. I know I’m a bit late to comment, but what a video! I love that last song.

    The dog theme continues. It must be Fido, returning to old haunts!


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