Inviting you to send footage or photo of yourself for next video

Nov 18, 2009 by

I invite all of you who’ve ever commented on Fourth Fiction’s website or Twitter page to email me a short video (six to eight seconds long) of your face looking into the camera, not saying anything, ideally against a neutral background. If that isn’t possible, you could always send me a photograph (again of the face only, preferably against a neutral background). I would like to use these videos/images in the next Fourth Fiction YouTube video. Alongside your image I will state your Fourth Fiction commenter name and your website, if you have one. This invitation is also open to anyone who is or has been an Outside Participant.

I would prefer to have you looking dead on at the camera, but if any of you want to stay anonymous, you can always shoot it in a way so that it doesn’t give away your identity (side profiles / shadows / masks / etc.). I need to receive the file by Tuesday, November 24th. Also, could you please let me know what country  (and if possible city) you’re in so I can include that too?

You can email them to me at: If the files are too large to email, you can always download a free version of Pando – – and email them to me that way. If you have any questions feel free to ask in a comment or by email.

Thanks and I hope you’re all willing to do this. Please don’t let your aversion to video put you off. A photo will work fine too. Putting faces to the words should make for a fascinating compilation.

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  1. Another 8 seconds of fame? I’m in! :)

  2. Can’t wait to see all of your faces! Now Tetra may be you won’t just be a Christmas tree 😉

  3. tetra

    Here’s a Christmas tree anyway Coco dear.

    Its my time of year so youll be seeing me around.

    As for the video, Ill leave you guessing…

  4. Sounds cool. Will get something together and fire it your way.

  5. Ha – there’s a reason why I put my cute five year old infront of the camera and hung out behind. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Maybe I can get one of Dylan and I together to save on space :)

  6. Jen

    I wish I had a cute 5 year old to hide behind! But I’m slowly convincing myself to do this.

  7. Eeeeeep. Provided I can work out how to use my MacBook’s Photobooth thingy to do video… (it’s probably really simple) …I’ll have a go.

    Go on Jen! *convinceconvinceconvince*

    Same goes for the rest of you (c:

    (Do we get to see the contestants in the same video, Host?)

  8. For those of you who are camera shy, you should know that I am to this day terrified of posing for photos, especially when they ask you to smile and hold it. And I was extremely uncomfortable in that first video. I’ll include some outtakes in the bloopers video.

    There won’t be any contestants in this video because the contest is still on. They’ll come later (at least those who are willing: video was never one of the preconditions for participating!)

    • I hate nothing more than being ask to sit and smile at the camera – there is something so contrived and unnatural about it (or is it just envy at those with radiant smiles who can do this!)

      We’ve shot our tiny piece tonight (oh please don’t ever ask my partner to be behind a video camera – it is so totally a disaster!) I hope when we load it onto the computer it is OK … I was done up to the nines ready to go to a cocktail party.

  9. If readers are willing, I’m willing :)
    I’m waiting to see how many of the more controversial commentators send something in. It’s one thing to write nasty things behind a false identity, another when you put your face out there!

  10. “I hate nothing more than being ask to sit and smile at the camera – there is something so contrived and unnatural about it (or is it just envy at those with radiant smiles who can do this!)”

    Jody, ditto, ditto, DITTO!! 😀

    But this time, perhaps because I fell so comfortable here, I wasn’t that much ashamed…!

    I just send my photo… Hope you all like it… :S

  11. hmm… can’t say I’m camera shy, but I’ll try to keep my clavicles covered this time (I said *try*) ;).

  12. Just sent in my face :) This should be a wicked video!

  13. Long, long time since I commented on here, but thanks for the invite Host – guess I’ll have to look out my webcam…

    • That July pre-competition month on Twitter does feel like a long time ago. Welcome back, Paul. It must be like going from appetizers straight to dessert… Nothing wrong with that!

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