YOU choose the Round 8 challenge

Oct 11, 2009 by

Here’s how it works. Come up with ONE literary challenge to be assigned to ONE of the remaining six Fourth Fiction contestants. DO NOT post the challenge as a comment because the contestants will learn of their challenges in the Round 8 video. Instead, email me the challenge and contestant you’ve chosen ( There is no selection process this time so every challenge will be used. Your name and website (if you have one) will be recognized on the contestant’s post.

This means one contestant may get numerous challenges while another may not get a challenge.* The remaining contestants are Rhae, Tess, Olaf, Nora, Coco, and Utah.

You must email me your proposed challenge by MIDNIGHT EST TUESDAY, October 13th, when the Round 7 elimination poll closes.

If you haven’t voted off one of the six writers yet, go cast your elimination vote now.

*If you select the contestant who has been eliminated your challenge will not be used.

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