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Oct 28, 2009 by

Tess was eliminated at the end of Round 8

Read TESS 8 here

Sayonara, everybody. My intuitions *knew* I was getting the royal flush. It was totally 100 percent my fault. You were so right, Jodi. I could have been more devious with my betrayal challenge :(

I ran out of words last time but this is how the part with Ryan would have ended:

“I’ll spare you the drama of the broken glass and yelling. But if my initial reaction surprised him, when he went to school two days later he had the shock of his life. I plastered photocopies everywhere on campus saying “MWM professor looking for SILFs for after school extra credit” over an iPhone photo I took of him in his apartment.

He resigned and left town. Apparently he tried playing it off as a hoax but finally the humiliation tore him to pieces. Too bad.”

I know it’s mean but I didn’t want you thinking Trisha forgives and forgets. It’s so wrong when that happens. You probably thought Trisha was autobiographical. I do share tons in common with her but really her story was a warning. Sometimes the person you *know* is the one just isn’t.

I wonder if the real hunt isn’t finding the “right” boy but winning *unconditional* love and loyalty. Not that there’s much of that anymore with every escapist fantasy and online bride and “one night friend” just one click away. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll flee New York and run off Into The Wild and live off the land and hunt animals instead of boys (though I hate guns so maybe I’ll use a slingshot or bow and arrow lol). That’s *my* escapist fantasy.

I’m so going to miss all of you guys. I almost got teary eyed when I found out it was me. Thanks for all the great advice about weaving in dialogue and showing not telling and not overusing “that.” I know it sometimes looked like the advice went through one ear and out the other (without passing through anything in between lol) but trust me I remember ALL of it.

Host, you rock for doing Fourth Fiction. Get your motorcycle fixed and take me for a ride! And no, that wasn’t innuendo! (at least not intentional) roflmao

I so *heart* Colbert. I totally think he’s the smartest man alive. And how sexy is he in camouflage? Total hotness.

Too bad I don’t get to do this challenge round.

Ciao ciao. Tess.

P.S. Trick not Treat! My farewell (p.s. included) is 444 words. Just wanted to *reveal* that I incorporated all four challenges 😉 (emoticons count as one word each). See you all in a blue moon! (next one is in December lol) :)

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  1. No comments here to bid you a farewell?

    You will be very much missed Tess. I enjoyed reading your twenty something take on the world as much as dating. Your humour was insightful and incisive …

    Please don’t think of me when you think of the word “that” though :) See you in December. Take care until then.

  2. Bye, Tess. I almost got teary eyed when I founf out it was you, too. You added so much fun and humour to this whole competition – I miss reading your comments and seeing your smiley faces and “lol”s all over the place (c:

    I’m really looking forward to catching up with you (and many of the other eliminated contestants) in December.

    Good luck with the boys and the slingshots and arrows on the streets of the Big Apple. If it doesn’t work out, come and visit! You’d love Australian boys!


  3. Tony

    much love Tess. xoxo

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