Round 9 Video – Biking and the City

Oct 24, 2009 by

Tess has been eliminated. Coco, Olaf, Utah and Nora make it through to the semifinals. Each contestant must respond to the following four challenges in no more than 444 words: 1) Incorporate a hoax; 2) Incorporate a revelation; 3) Incorporate the number four; 4) Incorporate Stephen Colbert.

See the video for more details about the challenges, which relate to the Balloon Boy story and the four-year anniversary of the Colbert Report. Footage includes clips of Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, Times Square, Prospect Park and other NYC locations, all filmed while biking.

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  1. “don’t be a knucklehead, wear your helmet” ??
    a) where was yours for two thirds of the video, and b) should we be expecting more health&safety tips from you?

  2. Bozhe moi you’re lucky your in one peace! Annasbones is right. What kind of advice is it to give about helmet when you don’t even wear one? Still I like too much this video. My favourite one to now. In Limasol I only see the Philipinos on the bicycle.

    By bye Tess. Sorry your the one to go. You were always so positive and very fun. We’ll miss your smiling faces :>)

  3. i just realized i probably shouldn’t put that as the first paragraph because everybody will find out who got eliminated under recent comments. i’ll put this instead.

    its ok. i know how to be a big girl. i totally guessed it this time. my intuitions just *knew* it before i even wrote my post :(

    thks host for the *amazing* montage of nyc. it felt like it was catered for me. it was bittersweet to watch. when i saw the clip of tillie’s i knew it was me getting kicked off.

    thks coco. you totally deserve to stay on. don’t worry about me. i may be sad for a while but i won’t stop smiling :)

    • Tess, did you catch the window shot of Kiki de Montparnasse? I went in there and asked to film but they needed approval from their PR office. I didn’t realize sex shops could be so bureaucratic and corporate. Not that they would ever stomach the title “sex shop.” I’m sure they’ve invented a more refined euphemism.

      • lol i just went back and saw it. the funny thing is that i’ve never even been to kiki de montparnasse. one of my girlfriends loves it and says i *have* to go there but based on her description and from looking at the website it looks like a place that tries way too hard to be super classy. so i’m not surprised at all that they said no filming. if it was going to be between that and steam punk, i’ll take steam punk any day

  4. Host, the video may have been a monster – but it turned out so well! Right now, all want to do is get on a plane and woosh over to NYC – you make it look so full of life and beauty! The tourism board should be paying you (c:

    I didn’t want to see anyone go this week. Tess, I’m going to miss you and your comments and reading your work SO much…

    For the remaining contestants – good luck dealing with all those challenges next week in only 444 words! Eep!

  5. Host, I agree with littlestar that the images of New York were marvelous, but I think you should either change your riding habits or find another form of transportation. I can only imagine how I would respond if my children ever behaved on their bicycles in so reckless a manner. Forgive me for speaking like the concerned mother, but it’s for your own safety. I’m still cringing just thinking of it.

    Tess, best of luck to you. I hope you find a suitable young man.

  6. … and I cringe at the thought of your children reading their mother’s fiction.

    But you’re right, host needs some bike lessons.

    • For a woman who dons a lab coat you have surprising trouble distinguishing between fact and fiction. It must be your Halloween outfit.

  7. Wow, this video makes urban life actually look pleasant! I assume the foliage was from Central Park? That’s a wild coincidence between Stephen Colbert’s four year anniversary and the Fourth Night anniversary. Perfect for the “four” theme.
    Farewell, Tess. We will miss you.

  8. Close, Utah. Prospect Park (in Brooklyn), not Central Park.

    Anna, Coco, Nora – the exhortation to wear a helmet was directed as much at myself as at the viewers. It may not look like it but I do wear a helmet most of the time.

    Thanks littlestar. May the NYC tourism board heed your words…

    • Actually, with the way you ride a bike, Host, I think the real danger isn’t to your head – it’s to the people around you! It looks like you had a few near misses! (I’d have aimed for the bride!)

      Love the shoes dangling from the powerlines…

      • I won’t deny taking a perverse pleasure on the Brooklyn Bridge in barreling towards unwitting tourists who stray into the bike lane. It’s something like the joy of the child who runs, screaming, into a flock of pigeons.

  9. Also, you should all with Host a Happy Birthday. He turns… well, he turns really old today!!! :)

  10. omg! happy b-day host!! how old is old? it would have been *amazing* if it was 44 lol!

  11. It’s not 44 but it’s 33 – another lucky number!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY brother…I mean HOST!

    • Happy Birthday Constantine – interesting bit of input from Vasia, I had wondered if she might have been you wife!

      Good bit of video – perhaps, if you had done it on your motorbike (assuming you got it to work) it would have been more ‘dramatic’ – fear, surprise, aggression from the pedestrians and the wedding party (who would have remembered the day! – NO that’s being too cynical)
      and then a cop chase as the finale.

      Don’t worry too much about the helmet – the system makes us all feel like idiots for all sorts of reasons, and while I don’t doubt that some lives will be saved or serious injury prevented, I suspect it’s more about making money by selling helmets and other safety gear than about caring about us as individuals!!

      Why does your site continually make people miss spell simple words? I am continually correcting simple words (just had to correct ‘be’ to ‘by’ and I see Annabones put ‘with’ and not ‘wish’ – I’m sure its your site.

      • The motorcycle is still in the same place – and same state – that it was in during the Round 8 video. Or I should say close to the same place: I have to keep moving it across the road twice a week during garbage collection hours to avoid getting towed. I just picked up a new battery today so I hope to get it running again, preferably without any attending cop chases.

        That’s funny about my sister. I wondered if someone might think that.

        As for the misspellings, I don’t think there’s a malicious spirit prowling the website and mucking with everyone’s typing. I think it’s more that we post our comments without rereading them. I’m just in the privileged position of being the website administrator and therefore able to correct errors after I make them.

  12. You consider 33 old, annasbones? How charming to listen to youngsters reflect on age.

    Host, may you have a wonderful birthday.

    • I don´t know about you, Nora, but for me this kind of statement actually hurts!

      I´m right about 31 and the idea of 33 being old is outrageous…! Even though, I´d like to say I still feel young, but truth is I don´t anymore… Oh, the youth… :)

      Host, have a marvelous birthday! All the best!

  13. Tess very sorry to see you go but I have to admit that I did vote for you to go! I would have liked to see where you were going to take it but at the end of the day it was more about the competition being better rather than you being weak (spelt it right this time!). You presented a range of styles over the 8 contributions and I thought there was a general feeling of maturing input throughout but you never quite achieved what I still feel you are capable of pulling off. All the best to you in the future – and make sure the you get that four leaf clover – and the right man to give it too you. JD

    • hmmm JD ok even though you voted me off you won me over with the four leaf clover comment! amazing memory. it looks like the oil fumes haven’t fried your brain quite yet (just kidding) :)

      thks for continuing to believe in me. i’m going to keep working at my writing. it’s hard but it feels sooo good afterwards.

      btw i thought you might want to know you’ve got an extra o in your last ‘to’ …. it *must* be the site 😉

  14. Add one more Happy Birthday from me. Along with the birthday wishes, let me add a thank you for introducing me to Colbert. I watched a few of his skits online. Hilarious stuff, especially The Word. What a character he is!

    Renata, maybe for a teenager 31 is old but for some of us you’re still a lass! Youth has more to do with attitude than numbers. At least that’s what I like to tell myself :)

    • When I turned thirty, I thought it was The End of the World.

      I’m thirty one also. Thanks, Utah and Renata – now I don’t feel quite so ancient (c:


  15. Oh, Utah, that´s what I keep saying to myself, too! :)

    And thanks so much for call me ‘lass’! It´s been so long since the last time I was called like this… lol 😀

  16. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. In past years I’ve managed to slip through the day incognito but now that I’m involved with Twitter and Facebook and Fourth Fiction there’s no more hiding.

  17. I was just trying to avoid disclosing Host’s real age in order to maintain the aura of mystery! Plus, when someone celebrates a birthday they turn older, not younger, so technically my sentence was both considerate and correct.

    And since we are all disclosing our ages, I’m 28! Not that young either. There 😉

  18. All right, Anna, now I understand your comment. It´s just that after 30, everything seems to point out how old you´re getting… You´ll be there soon! :)

  19. After thirty (well for me) you seem to lose track of just how far into 30 you are. Ladies – I remember a friend telling me turning 30 was the greatest thing which had happened to her and I have to agree. Young enough to still do all the things you love and old enough for people to no longer take advantage of you.

    Loved the video – haven’t shown it to Dylan yet as I watched it early in the morning. I’m sure he’ll have comments to add later on.

  20. Dylan wants to know why you weren’t holding the handle bars Host? He says it isn’t safe to ride your bike that way!

    He also wanted to know if your a comedian host – all the snap shots through to Stewart and Colbert confused him. I thought that was funny!

    • I don’t think I can come up with any good excuses. The only ones I can think of are “lack of film crew” or “so that I don’t slam on my front brake while traveling downhill at high speeds and go flying over the handlebars.” That’s quite a responsible five-year-old…

  21. Round 9 poll will be postponed until noon tomorrow because of Halloween filming and revelries. Utah, your post must still in by midnight.

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