Round 7 Video – Blessing of the Animals

Oct 6, 2009 by

The Round 7 Challenge is different for each contestant. Each must incorporate the following (Word limit – 600):

TESS: A Homicidal Clown (from Omar’s Story)
RHAE: An Assassination Plot ( from Tuck’s Story)
COCO: Dostoyevsky (from Igor’s Story)
UTAH: A Steak Knife (from Fyor’s Story)
NORA: The White House (from Fido’s Story)
OLAF: An Astral Projection (from Isis’ Story)

Outside Participants may select any one of the six.

Omar has been eliminated. For details, see the video, which includes footage of the Blessing of the Animals at St. John the Divine and Pete Seeger singing in Central Park. (*note: Rhae’s challenge is hard to read because of an editing glitch of white text on a white background. It should read: “Incorporate an Assassination Plot”)

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  1. Jay

    Oh no! I hope he keeps posting anyway, somewhere. I’d like to keep reading.

  2. Top video. Dylan was awesome and the various cultural stuff was very entertaining. And some of those challenges are just plain mean. I feel really bad for Omar, but not bad enough to choose that task for my outside participant entry.

  3. We’re one man away from an all female writer competition. Olaf, good luck.

    Very VERY disappointed that Omar was booted off… but at this stage, any choice is tough.

  4. Beran

    Very nice video, it is worth waiting for. Emily, Vasia, Dylan you are the stars !!!
    This video stole the show. So, contestants you have to come up with great stroies in order to compete with it!

    p.s: Omar, you will be missed…

  5. Thank you Constantine for giving Dylan the chance to open the envelope – your generosity for making our five year old’s dream come true will not be readily forgotten.

    And what an awesome video – it was worth the sweat and perserverance. How about we make life easier for you (or perhaps not) for the next vid?

    It was gutting to have to announce that Omar gone – I had been hoping it wouldn’t be that way – but them’s the breaks. You will be truly truly missed Omar. I wont be getting my regular injection of humour as I read through all the FF entries.

    • Jodi – Dylan is SO ADORABLE!!

      (was that his real handwriting?)

    • You and Dylan saved me from having to think about that part of the movie so I’m the one who’s thankful. Dylan was the star of the movie, and that’s no small thing when you’re competing with Pete Seeger, a sugar glider, and the Queen of Queens. This video was a monster because I had so much footage to work with and because it was the halfway video. The upcoming vids will be much more humble.

  6. Aw HELL no!!! )c:

    Ridiculously cool video, Host, but SERIOUSLY? Omar?? Of all people?

    Fourth Fiction without Omar is like…champagne without bubbles! Like a kite without a string!

    Omar, I’ll miss reading your work very much…

  7. Joan Begs

    Very disappointing, indeed! Omar was unique, no one can replace him while the others can be! This is a conspiracy of a gang living in this community! Disgrace!

  8. No shortage of eulogies for Omar. Not a bad way to go. Had there been more Big Lebowski fans among the voters Omar would have cruised through the round. By my count his last post has close to a dozen direct quotes from the movie.

    We await your farewell statement, Omar, and hope you don’t pull a Fyor on us.

  9. seldom seen

    not everyone will miss omar. host, nice video.
    i especially like it when seeger says “blow me” there at the park. just another dirty old man. my prediction- bye bye Nora. now you’ll have time to spruce up the single wide.
    as for Olaf, i’m betting chris can tell him what an astral prediction is.

  10. Eros

    Awesome video this time, Host. I love seeing the blessing of the animals and being able to see that side of New York. It was well worth the wait. Nice song too.

    Love, Eros

  11. ATTN CONTESTANTS: Two requests have been made to extend the submission deadline. Since the Round 7 video announcing the challenges was posted a day late, the deadline for contestants to post the Round 7 response will be extended to noon EST tomorrow, Sunday, October 11th. I cannot extend it any later than that. The Round 7 elimination poll will also be posted then.

  12. thank you SOO much host! you’re a lifesaver :)
    pffff you’re one to talk annasbones. mrs. i’m an outside participant who’s still on round 3…

  13. Again a reminder that the deadline for the contestants to post has been extended until tomorrow, Sunday, October 11 at noon EST. The poll to vote off one of the writers will also be posted at that time.

  14. Auggie

    blessing animals in the cathedral–always good to see catholics let off a little pagan steam. harmonica riff, johnny cash, pete seeger, and big boosomed african dancers. i love this video. and the icing on the cake: no more damned omar!

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