OMAR – Farewell Statement

Oct 8, 2009 by

*Omar was eliminated at the end of Round 6

Read Omar 6 here

“Omar, he did ask me
To share some words with you:
His final ones, alas,
For this is his toodle-oo.”
That is what young Claus did say
To friends the world around,
From Down Under to England
Where one still pays with the pound.
Is Omar on death row due to
A mass murder conviction?
“Don’t play dumb. You know that he was
Voted off Fourth Fiction.”
We know that Omar’s not in
Any penitentiary.
But no blind boy could know this
In the 13th century.
“If there’s something I have learned
From writing on Fourth Night;
It is that all is possible,
So don’t be so uptight.”
Aha! You just confessed yourself
To writing on Fourth Fiction;
Red-handed we have caught you
In a glaring contradiction!
“Excuse me, would you please shut up?
I’m trying to say farewell;
So stuff it, stop pretending
That you have just one brain cell.”
Blame me not, I’m just another
Voice inside your head.
By yelling at me you’re just cussing
Out yourself instead.
“Dear head-voice, you’ve got that right:
Omar is upset;
Like Eros said, he lacks a focus;
It’s his one regret.”
Don’t get down upon yourself
And start the doom and gloom;
You’re more the light and sunny type;
Just go and sing a tune.
“True, my friend, I’m glad to always
Have you by my side;
Even if I sometimes feel
Like Jekyll with his Hyde.
I should not ramble on again;
I’ll try to keep this short,
Unlike my tale of Claus, which my
Digressive thoughts did thwart.
But still I want to tell you
What did happen to young Claus,
Upon dropping that bowling ball
That killed both rat and louse.
Beneath the night sky Claus did lay,
Weeping in his grief,
When a little star called out,
‘Hey boy, what’s the beef?’
‘I’ve lost my friends,’
Young Claus did say, as he wiped his nose;
‘I do not want to live alone:
Loneliness, it blows.’
‘Then rhapsodize and rhyme, my friend,
That’s all you need in life.
You’ll never be alone like that;
You’ll sing your way through strife.’
‘Thank you, goodly little star,
For lifting up my mood;’
‘You’re welcome, little Claus,’
Said little star, ‘I’ll miss you, dude.’
‘Alas, goodbye,’ cried little Claus
As the sun did rise
To steal away his latest friend
From his searching eyes.
‘Never mind Pied Piper:
Of him I now am free;
I now shall go and sing my song
Unto the laurel tree.’
And so it is with Omar;
Like Claus he too did say,
‘Though sad to lose my Fourth Fic friends,
‘Tis time to go my way.’”

Farewell my friends, farewell my foes,
Farewell O littlestar;
In silence I put down my pen,
And pick up my guitar.

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  1. Bravo!!!! What an exit!
    You will be missed…

  2. Good luck to you Omah, maybe you don’t even need it. Don’t know what you currently do but I would have thought that there was a real potential for you as a daily contributor online or in the press as a commentator in verse on current events (or anything for that matter) or a daily blog perhaps, I think it would be very popular, who knows may be lucrative as well!

  3. That was so lovely. What an way to make an exit!

    Thank you Omar, for including me in your farewell. I’m totally, utterly lost for words.

    Best wishes to you – and to your guitar.

  4. Jay

    Farewell! You will be missed.

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