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Coco’s Round 8 Challenges (Word limit – 600):
* Incorporate a glimmer of light / hope through the character of Frank (given by Kaylie Jones)
* Include an interaction with a wild Cyprus donkey (given by
Vasia Markides)
* Incorporate a Brazilian girl named Renata (given by

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Karpasia Donkey CyprusYoung man nods his head when I ask if he’s been to cabaret before. I put his hand on my leg. He is little shy so he doesn’t move his hand around. Some old men squeeze half your zhopa before you even say hello how are you.

I am wearing tanga so I lift leg to make him excited and buy me drink (fake drink – 20 euros for small glass of grape juice). I begin to rub his arm while looking him in eye. Trick always is make man centre of attention. Not like you need prostitute to tell you that.

He is Shamus from Ireland. A writer who want to learn about cabaret life to tell world. Only tourist would say that. Cypriots anyway they don’t write. They come only for the sex.

Shamus ask me questions for five minutes until Christos bring his beer. When he pay Christos doesn’t give change right away. Its so dark some men don’t know how much they give. But Shamus knows and waits for change so Christo finally gives it.

Drink for the lady? he asks.

I’ll wait for now.

Christos walks off. I stand up. Have a nice day.

Few minutes later Svetlana goes and sits with Shamus. He buys her the drink. We all have to get certain number of drinks each week. Maybe Svetlana is better for talking to. It’s competition here between women. Like in jungle with females all trying to get the male. Except we don’t want sperma or protection. Only money. Which maybe is not so much different.

I sit next to Renata. She is redhead from Brazil. I don’t know other Brazil girls in Cyprus and specially not in cabaret. But Renata anyway is different.

The bastardo! she says. He think he can write about cabaret life after few questions? Did you ask him about Ireland so you can write Irish history book?

She is very clever Renata. She have life in her. Not like some who sit empty with dead eyes like half naked Matryoshka dolls with no one inside.

I tell Renata about Stavros. To cheer me up she tells funny story about man who paid for her for whole two days once and drove her to golden sand beach in Turkish side. (I never had anything like that. The men they like Renata because with some she can show real pleasure. Me I can’t. Even when I make orgasm I hide the look. This they can’t buy from me. This I save.) On beach they saw wild donkey with penis long as his forearm. Silly man got so insecure he couldn’t make sex that night!

I begin laughing so hard Yiannis tells me to go dance. They don’t like it when we have fun. It is not real pole dance what we do. Just swinging around with one arm like child in playground. Here it is bordello not stripclub. Pole is just for pretend that cabaret is about looking not touching.

Frank walks in. I feel my heartbeat in my throat. But I can’t leave pole. Natasha sits with him but not for long. After my dance finish Yiannis tells me Frank requested me.

I suddenly feel ashamed wearing thonga and clear platform heels. Maybe I am wrong but I think Frank is too. First time I feel shame in long time. I am happy for it. To be ashamed means to be conscious. Which means you are alive.


My name isn’t Coco.

Ok. Ivana. Want to join me on a little trip tomorrow?

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  1. Beran

    This is good “Ivana”

  2. The dolls you are speaking of – I’m guessing are like Babushka dolls (my spelling is atrocious!) … if so, it is a brilliant observation, if not, the image however twisted still works on me.

    And loved the bit about writing a book on Irish history – classic.

    You’ve left us with a cliff hanger I know everyone is going to want to know more of (we can see Tuck behind the scenes going red in the face because you can do anything you want with his characer Frank now!) Thanks Kaylie for suggesting Frank again :)

  3. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!

    This part, specially “She is very clever Renata. She have life in her.” LOL! I wonder why I like that part so much… 😀

    I know you had lots of challenges, but I´ve got to say, you did it perfect! I really like this story. In my head, I saw it all like a movie, and I could hear Ivana/Coco as a voiceover.

    Who knows? Maybe it´ll be a movie sometime!
    Who could play my character?? Perhaps Jennifer Aniston… LOL

  4. Oh, dear! I so wanted at least one story to offer an easy out with respect to the elimination this time around. Coco your’s was the last one I read and now I don’t know what to do. Five very different scenarios and all of them good in their own individual ways. I liked this and I want to know more, I don’t think its the best but…
    Well done Coco, the tension is rising.
    Host I think the rules are going to have to change – everyone still in at this stage should be required to complete their novella regardless of whether they are eliminated!!

  5. I wonder what would happen to Renata’s picnic partner if he ran into an elephant instead of a wild Cyprus donkey – I saw one in Nepal once and I thought it had five legs…. He’d probably be inept for life! Great story as always Coco! I agree with JD – I want to see the end of all the stories as well!

  6. Coco, this is brilliant, as usual – but so sad. Especially the bit about how Ivana gets no pleasure from her work.

    I’m hoping something good is coming Ivana’s way soon…

    (..and I hope you’re doing well too, Coco!)

  7. How nice to get all these comments thank you! Little star you know your matryoshka dolls! I always laugh when I hear babushka because I imagine face of my grandmother painted on wood doll. Yes I am doing better now than before thank you. :) I had some bad things that happen last weak but ok now.

    Renata your challenge was to much fun. I am happy you didn’t mind to be worker in cabaret! 😉

    Ha ha Vasia this is very funny about elephant. Don’t go giving idea for next challenge. Please no more animal penis!

  8. Still going strong, Coco. I hope you’ll continue on this track with Frank bringing something hopeful to the story. I just love this narrator’s voice and how easily and smoothly you seem to incorporate the prompts. You’re till going strong!

  9. Thank you two times Kaylie! For comment and for challenge. I hope to like you say continue on this track with Frank but may be you agree what is more important than to make hopeful writing is to make it real. Sometimes things you see make you wonder what hope there is. But yes always there is hope. Something. There has to or else impossible to go on. Even if hope is lie. Sometimes we need lie. For something to believe in. Because if we believe enough lie can become true.

  10. seldom seen

    first of all, Coco, you’re in the wrong business if you find yourself saying things like “please no more animal penis”.
    secondly, your story feels more like a biography then fiction. or maybe someones journal. either way, you just won my vote.
    thems the breaks, kid.

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