Round 6 Video – Lebowski Fest

Sep 25, 2009 by

Round 6 Challenge: Incorporate a White Russian and the words “over the line” into your next passage, which should be no more than 500 words.

Tuck has been eliminated and Tess has received immunity from the next round of elimination voting. For details, watch the video, shot at the Lebowski Fest in Brooklyn, NY:

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  1. omg i luved it!! i cant believe i missed out on labowski fest. now i *have* to see the movie, dude. lol

    the challenge is AWESOME. i’m sorry everybody that i got the immunity again. i’m kind of embarrassed it fell to me twice. but i’m sure i’ll get over it pretty fast… 😉

    ttl tuck. that’s what happens when you pee in other people’s yards.

  2. Joan Begs

    Excellent! I think you will change vocation after this is finish… :)

  3. Eros

    Another great video. Love the costumes, funny stuff. To bad he had to go but at least now I don’t have to give him the vocab lesson on the word “faggy”. Can’t wait to see what you come up for the next one. Love, Eros

  4. Thumbs up for vid. Thumbs down for voting Tuck off.

    No offense, but ya’ll REALLY prefer reading about red-skirted airheads trying to get laid in NY rather than about Frank’s obscenities?

    Voters: what a bunch of twats you all are.

    • Eros

      At least Tess is not tasteless. So to answer your question yes i prefer to read about an airhead trying NOT to get laid in New York rather then some jackass trying to turn my stomach. Love, Eros

      PS. I didn’t vote for ether of them though…

    • I’m not ashamed to admit I voted for Tuck this week. Last time I checked, this competition allowed me to vote for any writer I wanted to eliminate.

      So, that makes me a twat, for some reason?

      Meh. I’ve been called worse.

  5. Not a bad video, Host, although next time go with an even tighter shirt. That’s what tough guys wear, at least the kind who live in Sodom and Gomorrah. Pardon me, New York and San Francisco.

    Couldn’t you have got the chick with the brass tits to read my rejection? Is she giving out any consolation prizes?

    Whoops a daisy… am I not supposed to write here? Sorry, I was just following Tess’s lead (who just got rear ended with a strap-on from an annabones-in-the-buff).

    Tess, just so you know, you’ve got the wrong guy. Fido is the one who pisses in people’s backyards. I walk through the front door without knocking. Except in your house, that is. The front door is always locked so I go through the back. Good of you to keep it wide open for us.

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