Round 5 Video – Poker and Magic

Sep 14, 2009 by

Round 5 Challenge: Incorporate this image into your next passage of no more than 500 words. You can interpret this challenge as you see fit.

Igor has been eliminated and Utah has received immunity from the next round of elimination voting. Watch the video for details:

See the YouTube video of the Fourth Fiction Launch for an overview of the reality show. You can also read the initial competition announcement for more details or see the ‘Similar Posts’ links below. Anyone interested in being an outside participant to the competition should read the Open Call post.

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  1. Eros

    Host, great video again. I always love the little bits you put in at the end. Love, Eros

  2. Not altogether surprising result. This is what happens when nothing much happens in a story. Great video and challenge for this week.

  3. Ditto Dan. While Dylan’s going to miss the knife bit -he’s going to love all the other tricks.

    And immunity to Tuck … you seriously must have an angel on your shoulder buddy!

    • No, not to Tuck! The immunity goes to Utah. I doubt Tuck has an angel on his shoulder. Or if he does, it’s a fallen one.

      • I knew it was totally incongruent with what I had read before I got here (was going through the emailed comments and thus found out who was eliminated from Coco!)

        Will have to go back and listen harder. Cripes – maybe some part of me wanted Tuck to have immunity. Can’t wait to see the break down of the votes for the last round.

        And one last thing – being an Aussie – am I meant to recognise the face in the video? Though I had better ask before I let my imagination run riot!

        • I deliberately don’t post the poll results for about 24 hours so as not to give away the poll results to those who want to first find out from the video. But I never thought about the emailed comments! It’s not easy keeping a lid on things online. Poll results to be posted soon.

          The person in the photo isn’t a celebrity figure and I’m not sure he would want to be. By all means let your imagination run riot. He would no doubt approve of that.

          • I was reading some stuff on the internet about the passing of Patrick Swayze last night and there was a picture of Ted Kennedy on the front of Time magazine … and for a moment he looked a little like the photo you’d left at the end of the video. So just thought I would ask – so not to appear like an ignoramous when my installment came out later on in the week.

            What’s the word limit? Before my imagination truly gets carried away.

  4. fair enough about Igor.
    this round’s challenge looks intriguing. Wondering what will come out of it :)

  5. Good to hear the video was well received. I was questioning the opener. Especially after I had I put twelve holes in the wall and sliced my palm open trying to impale that knife into the plaster. I had this idea of making a video about closeups of faces, hands, etc. but it fell through.

    Eros, I’m glad you liked the detachable thumb, the match trick and the unidentified flying frisbee. The end of each video seems to be my designated spot for sticking in random clips that I can’t find a space for anywhere else.

  6. tetra

    nice vid. liked the timing. shame about the slice. looks like tennis is safer. maybe playing with knives is more exciting tho.

    • Tennis has its slices too. Without the slices there would be no backspin in tennis. The cut was black and grizzly this morning but it’s looking pretty superficial at the moment. It’s not a shame at all. I can claim it as my first Fourth Fiction battle scar.

  7. Dylan says: thanks that was a great video. My Mum put her hands over my eyes in the scarey bit. Can’t wait until I can open an envelope.

    From Mum – probably a good idea not to see the envelope being opened with a fancy knife – given Dylan’s desire for imitation!

  8. Ted Kennedy! I’ll have to pass that one on. You’ve opened all sorts of possibilities for incorporating that image into a story…

    It’s a 500 word limit. A few people have told me the pre-vote reading is getting to be overwhelming so I’m trying to keep it manageable. Once the field narrows I’ll up the word count.

    Tell Dylan thanks for watching. And tell him he’ll get to open an envelope either the next round or the one after that.

    So you covered his eyes for the opening of the rejection letter but not for the whisky and poker… It’s never too young to start gambling away one’s bubble gum money.

  9. I liked the video but I thought the sound quality could have been better. Perhaps Jodi’s slip was related to that as well – or maybe its just that my hearing ‘ain’t what it used to be’!!

    Going to be interesting to see how folks respond to the new challenge.

    • You’re right about the audio. I forgot to adjust the sound levels before submitting it to YouTube so you have to turn the volume up on this one. At least it’s not your hearing.

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