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Sep 5, 2009 by

Round 4 Challenge: Weave an element of Fyor’s story into your passage. It should be no more than 450 words.

Fyor has been eliminated and Coco has received immunity from the next round of elimination voting. Watch the video for details:

See the YouTube video of the Fourth Fiction Launch for an overview of the reality show. You can also read the initial competition announcement for more details or see the ‘Similar Posts’ links below. Anyone interested in being an outside participant to the competition should read the Open Call post.

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  1. Too bad, was really enjoying Fyor’s dark perversity

  2. Auggie

    so we’re supposed to believe that fyor and tuck got more votes than nora and coco? host, i question the legitimacy of this voting. host has no oversight. there is politics involved here. this poll is rigged, chaves-style. can you at least post the true results next to the decreed results?

    • Renata

      You´re just a huge pain in the ass, don’t you??
      Do you think this is funny, or maybe that someone is enjoying your comments? Wake up, baby… Nobody is laughing with you – they´re laughing at you…

  3. Looks like Tuck’s up for some competition as the show’s ‘greatest sob’ 😉

  4. Auggie, I’m not asking you to believe anything. If you’d been following from the beginning, you’d know that I post the results 24 hours or so after the video so that it doesn’t spoil the news for those who haven’t yet had a chance to watch it. Send your complaints on to PollDaddy. As for Coco, maybe you should take a look again at the comments. Count them up. You were the only one who posted a negative comment.

    But I’m with you regarding Fyor. I don’t vote, but if I did, my elimination vote wouldn’t have gone to him.

    I like your bluntness. Ever thought of writing as an Outside Participant?

  5. Well that was certainly unexpected. No more Evil Overlord!

    As we were watching Dylan says: “Oooo it’s a boy not a man reading this time!” Ever the observant five year old.

  6. If Dylan’s interested, he could read one of them sometime. It wouldn’t be difficult to do. You could just email me the file.

  7. Having your readers to be part of your videos? Sweet.
    Now this is interesting :)

  8. Reality shows always have twists, right?

    I’m wondering…will there be any chance of an eliminated contestant returning in the future for another chance?

    I can’t stand an unfinished story! I really wanted to know where Fyor (and Fido!) were going next!

    You’ll definitely be missed, Fyor! (c:

  9. It’s tricky to reincorporate writers back into the competition after they’ve been eliminated. They can’t just pick up from where they left off since they’ll have missed out on all the intermediary rounds. But if you have any ideas on how to do that, I’d love to hear it.

  10. Eliminated contestants could simply keep writing their stories in private – then in a few weeks, eliminated contestants wishing to get back into the competition could post their catch-up stories, and we could vote someone back into the game.

    (Although, having said that, I’m sure Fyor would excel at this week’s challenge…)

  11. True, although it would be tricky not having announced this as part of the contest format from the beginning (ie. for all I know, Isis and Fido haven’t written anything since they were voted off). But it is a good idea. Perhaps it can be incorporated into Take Two of Fourth Fiction… But I’ll keep thinking on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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