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Fourth Fiction Challenge 5Round 5 Challenge: Incorporate this image into your next passage of no more than 500 words. You can interpret this challenge as you see fit.

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“I lied to you,” Arthur hissed, his punishing hand slapping the widely-spaced piñatas of her breasts. “I lied to you about Auggie,” he repeated, emphasizing the revelation with a particularly violent thrust of his engorged manhood that drove Catherine face down into her goose-feather duvet. The right side of her face buried into the quilt’s lush folds, muffling her shocked cries.

“I never hugged her at all,” he went on, his muscular torso jackhammering away behind the steep downhill of her lower back. “You want to know what I did to her? Do you?” Arthur demanded, punctuating his question with a muscular open-palmed slap upon her abused rump.

With teeth clamped together and lips curled back in a delirium of agony, Catherine could not respond in words. Instead, she helplessly nodded her head. Arthur hooked his massive hands around her hipbone and began pitilessly yanking her pelvis back into his probing proboscis. With each stab his powerful buttocks flexed into two firm orbs of tightened muscle.

“I’ll tell you,” he said breathily, his voice deepening as he climbed towards his crowning moment. The sweat streamed off his angular face and coursed through the swarthy jungle of his Tarzan chest, dripping onto Catherine’s snowy lumbar. In an unexpected gesture of tenderness amidst that heady aggression, Arthur released her hips to massage his body’s natural oils into her feverish flesh, spreading a glistening coat over Catherine’s rippling bubble-spheres.

“I didn’t do anything to Auggie,” he said, hoarsely, breathing hard behind her as he sandwiched her midsection between his powerful palms. “I don’t touch my patients.”

Arthur’s voice was steadily growing more distant as Catherine soared towards previously unimaginable summits of ecstasy. At the cusp of extreme pain and ultimate pleasure, she could decipher only the slightest thread of Arthur’s remarks: “What I need to tell you… what I’ve been meaning to tell you for months now is that…”

A rushing sound filled Catherine’s consciousness as she abandoned herself to his savage conquest. Her moans, previously a bodily call-and-response with his lunges, had now fused into a single caterwaul that issued forth from her like the deep-throated, midnight mating wail of a street cat. With a groan of exhaled air, Arthur convulsed deep inside her, grunting primally in the ebb of his pulsating injections. He collapsed flat upon her back, the two of them shuddering in the seismic aftermath.

Catherine returned to consciousness to find Arthur planting kisses all over her neck. “I love you,” he murmured, dragging the tip of his tongue up through the tiny erect hairs of her tingling back. “I knew you’d understand… I love you ever so madly…”

Arthur shifted his weight to the side. “No,” Catherine murmured. “Not yet. Stay inside a little longer.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Arthur whispered.  He reached to his bedside drawer and returned with a photo, which he held before Catherine’s half-lidded eyes.

“Who’s this?” she asked, staring at the purposeful, ruggedly handsome young man in the photograph.

“What do you mean? This is he. The man I just told you about,” Arthur replied, snuggling against her and wiggling his hips. “Richard. My lover.”

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  1. Eros

    OMG!! I love it. What a mind freak. I know there was a reason I kept reading your story, besides your awesome writing style. You know how to write a story and use dialogue. Love, Eros

    • Thank you, Eros. That is high praise indeed, coming from someone who shares a name with the patron saint of the genre!

  2. Well that’s you secured of another round.

  3. You do it to me every time Nora – just when I think I can’t take any more of the ephemisms … you slap on an ending like that.

    Far out! Ditto on JD!

  4. tetra

    “this is he” ?? weak. and coming after the fantastic bedroom scene a pity. you should try doing this for a living. the writing, i mean. hehe

  5. Why thank you. Fourth Fiction is teaching me how to write the cliffhanger conclusion. And goodness aren’t there an awful lot of cliffs! In this medium, it is not the first sentence that is the most important but rather the final one.

  6. tetra

    Way to go. bring it on Nora. You remind me of the aristocrat who won a reality Tv show – Big Brother – in the UK. He learned how to walk the walk and talk the talk by just being, well, his lovely self.

  7. Tetra, before you start hurling more accusations and snide remarks, please consider whether the “he” was a grammatical error by the narrator or by one of the characters. Next time, please level your critiques at the right party, namely Arthur, who considering the circumstances cannot be expected to get his pronouns correct. Having said that, I appreciate that you confessed to enjoying the scene.

  8. WOW, and just as i was thinking ‘what, no anal?’ then ZING!!!!

  9. The climax of the scene is much more shocking than the climax in the scene. Great ending that surely must secure your place in the next round.

  10. Auggie

    jodi, we know which slapping you liked. and the rest of you, don’t you recognize this as the housewife porn that it is. nora, are you a desperate housewife? don’t bring to the world of writing what has already ruined cinema. this is pathetic. the guy bangs his girl and then tells her he’s gay. so unoriginal. “rippling bubble spheres”–even if you like this crap, that imagery doesn’t work. i could go on. point is, this sucks and the commenters seem to like it. all of ya’ll go masturbate to your mom’s jc penny catalogues.
    and for the record, auggie is a dude.

  11. No shit?!!!!..and no pun intended….

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