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Round 4 Challenge: Weave an element of Fyor’s story into your passage. It should be no more than 450 words.

Catherine recoiled in shock, dismounting from the bunched glistening fingers of his probing hand. “Who is she?” she demanded, breathing raggedly, her inflamed mound aching from its aborted fulfillment.

“What in God’s name are you talking about?” Arthur cried, unable to tear his gaze from the pair of quivering orbs jutting forth arrogantly towards him.

“The perfume!” Catherine screamed, suddenly lunging at him, wildly swinging her fists at his swarthy chest. “That’s not my perfume!”

Arthur shielded his face with his forearms. “Catherine… darling would you just… for God’s sake!” But Catherine’s wildcat frenzy was implacable. Arthur grunted as he took a fist to the shoulder and another to his steely abdomen. “You must believe me,” he cried. “I haven’t been with another woman!”

“Why you deceitful scoundrel!” Catherine swung and clipped Arthur across his rugged square jaw.

One would not know it by the soft sensuality of Catherine’s lush Junoesque body, but she could pack a punch. Having endured enough, Arthur grabbed each of her wrists in mid-air. Catherine squirmed helplessly in his grip. She’d forgotten just how strong and manly he was.

“If you’d just let me explain!” Arthur hissed. “Remember the 1987 Judge Hearth killing? Well, his niece, Auggie, is one of my patients. Her husband recently left her in a most deplorable manner. She needed a hug. That was all.”

“A hug?” Catherine flashed her smoldering eyes at him and clenched her sullen lips. “And how long did this ‘hug’ last? You impostor of a husband!”

Arthur’s nether parts began to throb like his forehead. As he looked down into the heaving crevasse of her mounds, a wild unmanageable desire consumed him.  Unable to withstand it anymore, he flipped her around and threw her down violently upon the bed.

“Arthur…” she gasped.

He yanked her negligee up to her lower back and slapped the luscious round hillocks of her rump, as if to claim and subdue them with the red handprint. Then he crammed a satin pillow under her luxuriously rounded hips. This raised her ripe hind, which only further emphasized its dramatic proportions and revealed her secret valley with its tangle of black forest.

“No, Arthur,” she whimpered. “Don’t do it.”

As he thrust himself into her, an animal moan came from deep inside Catherine. He reined her hair back, pulling her tormented face up. She bared her teeth with humiliated pleasure as he drove himself in to the hilt.

“You want to know the truth?” Arthur whispered into her ear as his loins slapped percussively against her, the flesh rippling in gorgeous waves across her milky rump. “I’ll tell you the truth…”

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  1. Yoinks! This is getting more interesting each round. The cliffhanger here is pretty smart and the fierceness of it plays a nice counterpoint to the cheesey nature of some of earlier in the scene. Can’t see you being voted out on the basis of that ending, who wouldn’t want to know what he is going to say?

    • Dan, I am one of the lucky few who have come out relatively unscathed from your strong Round 4 critiques. No complaints there. I will do my best to fulfill (and, as you mentioned, to confound) expectations for next round.

      I don’t see Igor’s post anywhere here. So what happens now?

      • Credit where credit is due. You are writing in a genre I usually avoid, but so far I’m hooked. Looking forward to next week’s cliffhanger.

        • Are you sure you’re writing in a genre that you usually avoid? Virus scans and empty promises suggest otherwise. I never realized hardware could be so sensual. I’m sure your other software partners will be happy to hear that you keep your partioned drives trojaned.

  2. Scandalous !!! This is turning out to be quite the R rated contest !
    Nora, I’m speechless – in a good way.

    (Jodi, if your son reads this, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do… ) 😉

  3. seldom seen

    …her secret valley…tangle of black forest…heaving crevasse…
    nora. please. go back to the trailer park.

  4. Its interesting how duration has played out across the submissions from all the participants in this ‘game show’. Nora’s story line must occupy the shortest and yet there is a lot happening – in more ways than one. Its erotic, silky, dramatic and always ends each challenge with you both wanting more and needing to know what’s coming next.

    I liked the ‘Fyor reference’, adequate to meet requirements but, as yet at least, not detracting from the main story line which retains its own individual identity. Romp on to challenge number 5.

  5. Phew… I took a gamble with this passage. I must say I was cringing at what the comments would be but it appears that I can relax a bit. I am grateful for all of your support. I really needed it on this one! Good Lord, I do hope Jodi’s son is not reading this!

    As for you seldom seen, it sounds to me like you have seldom seen any secret valleys recently. That must be why you are so bitter.

  6. seldom seen

    if you can’t take a little constructive criticism here how will you react in other arena’s? learn to be better than that.
    if its any comfort, i didn’t vote for you to be jacked.

  7. I must have misunderstood the phrase “go back to the trailer park.” Now that I read it again, I see how constructive it actually is. But let’s not quarrel. Today is not the day for that.

    Our flag is flying at half mast. May our thoughts go out to those who lost their loved ones eight years ago.

  8. thanks for the chub!

  9. craig

    thank god for Tony.
    laughing out loud

  10. craig

    tittilating fantasy though, any woman accusing a man of hugging outside the relationship will invariably find some trailor park words to use, probably not “scoundrel”

  11. Chub? Pardon? Tony, what rock did you crawl out from under?

  12. rock ‘n roll, baby!

  13. It’s OK – my son doesn’t actually read the fourth fiction entries – he just gets to watch the vids.

    You are the Queen of the cliff hanger ending Nora – despite shaking my head at all the things I cringe about in a sex scene (especially where no ends up meaning yes and then the protagonist loves it!)

    You’ve hit your stride in a genre many of us don’t normally indulge in – but you do it in such a way we love you for it and can’t bear to vote you off. You are a woman who knows how to weave her magic! Heaving melons and flashy rumps ..(I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to look straight faced in my fridge ever again!)

  14. Auggie

    last segment, i was ready to vote you off. now i want to know the truth. i want to hear her moan some more. jodi cringing? you’re in denial. you know you like it rough–like the style of your awkward run-ons.

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