Elimination Voting – 5

Sep 21, 2009 by


Read the remaining 8 contestants’ latest writings (click on Home and scroll down or click on their names in the sidebar) and vote for one TO BE ELIMINATED based on how well you felt they all responded to the Round 5 Challenge. The challenge required that they incorporate this image into their a passage of 500 words or less. You have until midnight September 23rd to vote. You can find out who was eliminated and learn what the Round 6 challenge is in a video that will be posted on September 25th. *Utah has immunity this round so she is not included in the poll.

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  1. Auggie

    host, do you know this thing allows us to vote more than once? i’ve told you all along this voting is rigged. it’s flawed. it lacks legitimacy. how else could the best writers be whacked right off the bat? seriously though, i can vote more than once. maybe i’ll vote 10 times and really hurt rhae’s chance of survival.

  2. Unless your voting from multiple locations Auggie (and seriously – I wouldn’t put it past you) there is no way to vote a second time from your own computer. From previous experience with these polls – it logs your IP address and wont register another vote from that location.

    Sounds to me like you’re pulling for straws to try and legitimise your own position. You’ll notice those of us who put our names to the comments we write don’t make a habit of running around personally attacking other commenters and provide where possible CONSTRUCTIVE criticism on the work at hand.

    If Tuck goes – does that mean you’ll go too? There’s something to wish for or a vote with benefits.

  3. Auggie

    host, you’re right. it allows you to vote again, but then tells you, ‘thanks we’ve already counted your vote.’
    and sorry ms. foghorn leghorn, i’ll be here for the duration. if my favorites fall by the wayside, so be it. at least i stood for something.

  4. It allows you to vote more than once? It shouldn’t. I highly doubt anyone else is able to vote more than once as you claim. Someone would have mentioned it.

    Why are you surprised your favorite writers aren’t still around? Read through the comments. It’s not like you reflect public opinion.

  5. Well, Auggie, that does go to show that you never tried to vote twice!

  6. The video will be posted later tonight (Sep 25th). The theme is Lebowski…

  7. tetra

    are you behind time host? if i can remember my French right that would make you retarded. haha

  8. For some of us it’s already the 26th. Double-retardation points. 😉

  9. My apologies to the contestants and to the readers about the delay in posting the video. I’ve had editing troubles. It should be up in the next few hours.

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