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Round 6 Challenge: Incorporate a White Russian and the words “over the line” into your next passage, which should be no more than 500 words.

Police ask me if Stavros is man who pays for sex with me. Like they care. Even they go to cabaret for sex. I know stories of police doing sex with marked money and making arrest after if you can believe it. Taxes pay for police to do sex with the butana and then they tell journalistes that Cyprus police fight human traffic.

They put me in prison room and tell me American detective wants interview. I sit on bed to wait. After Frodo I begin thinking about my life. About routina. Every night I go to cabaret at 8 and do dance and consumatsia until 2 or 3 in morning. If man pay Yiannis for me then after cabaret close he take me to house or motel. Then I don’t get to my apartment above cabaret where Yiannis have six of us living until 11 or 12 next day. I rest there because I never sleep good in strangers bed. But sometimes CyTA phone rings from man who want sex after lunch. In daytime its more cheap for them and for me to better because I keep all the money and it sometimes take only one hour.

Different prices for different sex. Overnight sex more expensive and then sex inside cabaret cheaper and daytime sex cheapest. They give more if you let them put it in the zhopa or make sperma on you or take video or do it without condom which is where I draw line and never go over because Ukrainian girl last year got AIDS hear in Limasol. I am lucky not to be beaten yet because many girls I know who refuse to go without condom get beating or rape. Its like that.

Then I begin to think about men. In uniform or outside uniform or husband boyfriend single they are all same. Because always same thing hangs there inside there legs. Maybe this life ruin me for believing in man again. I start to make these thoughts. Because in cabaret man doesn’t just fuck your body. Body can replace itself and forget. But mind does not replace. Mind only buries memory and memories make radiation like Chornobyl. Even when it’s over its not.

Soon police chief walk in with American. I almost laugh. His chest is sticking out and arms out at sides like perspirant is burning him. Its too much funny because he thinks Cyprus police admire him but they call him poushtoamericano and americanaki. Even his name is funny. Frank.

Police chief leave and Frank ask me ridiculous questions about conspiracy but I know really want he wants. Finally he says it. He asks name of my cabaret and I tell him. Venus de Limassol. I tell him I work there tonight and he must come and buy me drink. He tries to make joke about white russian and I laugh because he sound like teenager.

He remind me of Donetsk schoolboys. I like him very much. If man can make me laugh that is very good for me. No matter if I’m laughing at him. Maybe I convince him to take me to America.

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  1. Looks like Tuck isn’t completely out of our lives! 😉

  2. Eros

    Coco, I had the same thoughts about Frank being a schoolboy. Brava! :) I also like that you have started to move back to your story, keep up the good work. Love, Eros

  3. Tuck since you lost your job now maybe you are the one who should be the secrataraty..

  4. Pity you took up the ‘Frank’ line Coco, I think it has somewhat detracted from your tale. Not your best effort but still has potential over all, think you will see at least one more round.

  5. HA! Brilliant response!

    Coco: 1. Tuck: 0.

    Actually, more like Tuck: -20.

  6. *round of applause* …. at least you didn’t stoop to naming Tuck as the character.

    My favourite lines: “ody can replace itself and forget. But mind does not replace. Mind only buries memory and memories make radiation like Chornobyl. Even when it’s over its not.” I know Dan commmented a few rounds ago on your the carnivale horses.

    You’re in for the long haul Coco … so let’s see where Ivana takes us next.

  7. Brilliant. You use Frank far better than Tuck ever used your stuff. Jodi is right about your Chernobyl metaphor….great stuff.

    I think this piece works despite the intrusion of Frank, it fits the tone of your story AND you get to explore how ridiculous Tuck’s efforts to derail your story are.

    This is hands down the best novella thus far. The others need to step things up to match the pace, character and language here.

  8. That is too much compliment for me Dan but thank you. This is not good day for me today so it help to read nice words from all of you.

  9. Mashala Host on video! I laughed loud when I read you give me Dostoevski for challenge.

    Omar!!?? :( Yes I agree with little star! I have not done Internet in too long so I have too much catch up to do. Jodi you must feel so proud. I hope I can some day grow boy like that to.

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