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Aug 1, 2009 by

To read the contestants’ writings,* see their First Ten Days on Twitter, or the Roundup of the 10 Literary Dares or the Chain Story. The poll closes at midnight on August 3rd. On August 4th you’ll be able to see the results.

*Note: Fyor did not participate in the July pre-competition writing so he was not included in this poll. 


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  1. lara sfire

    She’s the only one who didn’t irritate me, and make me feel as though I’d lost a little piece of myself by reading the posts. – which is how Reality TV makes me feel, so congrats, I guess – the contest is a success!

  2. lara sfire

    Sorry – should have put – I’m cheering for RHAE because I think she might be the only quasi-intelligent contestant with something interesting to say. hope the contest doesn’t take that away..

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