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Round 1: Write the opening sentence of your novella

“Our top informant just delivered intelligence that leads us to believe there is a plot, likely al Qa’ida-based, to assassinate the president before the new year,” the bureau chief said to Frank Braun, “so what I need to know, Frank, is whether your private dislike of the Obama administration might in any way handicap your new assignment: to track down and, where necessary, eliminate the terrorist operatives.”

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  1. dj

    Please tell me this is a 24 hour satire (and you’re not serios about this plot)…

  2. I’m as serios about the plot as you are about spelling. But you can still call me Kiefer (or to be Fourth Fiction friendly, make that QUIF, which sounds about right…)

  3. Dan (or “dan the man” as Fido would say) has rolled his sleeves up. Good on you. I support the no-holds barred style. I’d say you’re right on mark. I’d much rather read how the first woman you saw naked wasn’t your mother. Was it was your grandma? That must have been traumatic.

    I’ll tell you who I’m voting off, Annasbones: myself. Because I’m such a dick I just can’t help myself from clicking that Tuck button.

  4. As I’m not terminally attached to my TV I’ve got no idea how a “24” satire would look like or how it would pan out.

    I like the fact Tuck you have set up an interesting conflict within the first sentence. You leave the reader asking …what next? …will he? I’ll continue reading.

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