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Round 1: Write the opening sentence of your novella

Don’t believe the sugarcoated fiction that a girl should sit back and wait for the right boy to traipse along, because the hard reality (and if any place will teach you this it’s merciless Manhattan) is that if you don’t hunt for your man, you’ll end up with a sewer rat, not a golden stag.

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  1. Tess, I figured I’d leave a comment since you don’t yet have one.

    Definitely not the most inspiring opening but you can’t really go wrong with the ‘sex and city’ feel. Everyone likes a good story about the tribulations of finding love.

    Anyway, it’s a good ‘strategy’, you may just avoid eliminiation this time :)

  2. craig

    Impossibly frustrated, our heroine traipses to a small beach town in north florida determined to investigate for herself that rumored stag breeding ground

  3. lol! sometimes the truth isn’t that inspiring, annasbones! how are the london boys, anyway? i’m totally repulsed but also strangely attracted to the skinny blake civil fielder look. 😉

    lmao craig! do they really breed stags in north florida? i thought you all just specialized in boys that shed crocodile tears ='( * :) *

  4. is it just me or did comments just change look and then change back? :*(

    and i’m confused. i thought voting ends tomorrow ngiht, not today. loved your write-up, Dan. edge will come. and i’m *TOTALLY* with you about fido

  5. thx for the twitter thx, host! 😉 no biggie. if it wasn’t for my iphone i’d be all topsyturvy with my schedule too!

    hmmm, annasbones. but if i tell you WHO i’m voting off that person will then turn around and vote ME off. :( (but i *will* say i DIDN’T vote fido or omar off. they were my faves).

  6. The use of hunting as a medium/metaphor for the chase of dating/search for the right man is interesting. Where to from here Tess (as someone who love Sex and the City!)

    • lol jodi! new york sure is the place where the hunter is also the hunted! waiting with crossed toes till tomorrow night! :)

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