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Aug 24, 2009 by

Round 3 Challenge: Incorporate the death of a dog into your next passage. It should be no more than 400 words long.

Fido has been eliminated and Tess has received immunity from the next round of elimination voting. Watch the video for details:

See the YouTube video of the Fourth Fiction Launch for an overview of the reality show. You can also read the initial competition announcement for more details or see the ‘Similar Posts’ links below. Anyone interested in being an outside participant to the competition should read the Open Call post.

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  1. Awesome clip … my son particularly loved King Alfred. Sad to see Fido go – but that’s life.

  2. Glad to hear your son enjoyed it. If I see Prince Albert again, I’ll let him know he has an Australian fan base. A lot of people are sad to see Fido go, myself included.

  3. It reminds that even in this brave new world of digitial publishing and all the boundaries which Fourth Fiction is pushing, readers are still ultra conservative in many respects, and anything too different is considered “too hard” or “unworthy” – both of which are plain lazy. Fido had lots of important and interesting things to say and I’m with you in saying he will be missed.

  4. Really disappointing to see Fido go. For me personally he was in my top three and I would have liked to see him given the chance to develop his story.

  5. What a disappointment… I can’t believe Fido got more votes than Tuck, outrageous!

  6. It will be interesting to see how the votes are proportioned.

  7. seldom seen

    so, offing Fido is a start. it was a foolish new age version of the lady and the tramp. or was it the fox and the hound? where the red fern grows? either way he had to go. and i must have missed the “important and interesting things” he had to say. seemed like a bunch of bad dog puns to me, and i’ve got better things to read. but it is getting interesting, and i like what i see.

  8. I’ll be in transatlantic transit for the rest of the day so I won’t have Internet access again until 11 or 12 tonight EST (barring delays). I won’t be able to publish Nora or Fyor’s responses before then, even if they’ve been submitted.

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