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Round 3 Challenge: Incorporate the death of a dog into your next passage. It should be no more than 400 words long.


For years gloom swallowed Hamelin,
Which could not yet believe
That Pied Piper had ambled in
And snatched their progeny.
They cursed his name at every meal,
Burnt effigies at night,
Wished upon his lineage,
Famine, drought and blight.
As mentioned prior, two survived,
The first, the mute boy Hans;
Deaf to Piper’s music,
He fell not in its trance.
But the other one, the blind boy Claus,
Heard Piper’s siren song;
The music how it haunted him;
To hear more he did long.
The townsmen called him lucky;
The cruder ones, they said:
“In five years all the lasses will
Line up to give you head.”
But Claus ignored their crass remarks
All turmoil was his heart;
The music that he heard that night
Possessed him like black art.
His parents tried to lift his mood,
They hired skilled musicians
Who played in private for their son
For outrageous commissions.
But Claus remained subdued, unmoved,
Politely sent them off;
He’d rather thirst for beauty
Than drink from their vile trough.
Tortured with the memory,
Claus wandered off alone,
Hoping he might stumble on
A piper’s song, wind-blown.
Soon he found some company,
Or company found him:
A jaunty young stray mutt
Unnamed, let’s call him Jim.
(We’d like to call him Fido
But we must preserve the rhyme
“Then change the words around” you say
Alas, we’re short on time.)
Jim led Claus into a cave
And rested at his feet
As if to say, “Come on, my boy,
It’s time for us to sleep.”
They slept, first Claus, then Jim,
A touching scene inside that cave,
Until a poisonous adder
Thought it would misbehave.
The snake slithered up to them,
Wondering who to strike;
You’re probably guessing it’s the dog,
Whose death you expect tonight.
You’re wrong, the snake reared for the boy
(Not that Jim won’t die.)
Jim woke, he leapt, he yelped,
He blocked the strike with his own thigh.
The snake was torn to pieces
But the damage had been done;
The poison coursed throughout Jim’s veins;
His end had now begun.
Claus wept as he cradled Jim:
He’d known him just one day.
But when one saves your life
By giving his, tears are okay.
Jim let out a mournful howl;
Such sound Claus hadn’t heard
Since that day in Hamelin
When the kidnapping occurred.
Claus then made a vow
Before the limp body of Jim:
Since he could not find Piper
He’d make Piper come find him.

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  1. Omar, you make my heart sing!

  2. That last line has me itching to read next week’s installment.

  3. Bravo Omar. I’ve been sitting hear at my computer reading it aloud to get the viceral sensation of your words dancing out my mouth.

    I think you kind sir, are the Piped Piper – leading us a merry adventure to the poll to sure up your place. And I have absolutely not problem with that at all.

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