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Read OMAR 1 here

ROUND 2: Write the opening paragraph of your novella. It should be no more than 300 words, not including your opening sentence, and should be about interactions that take place over the web.


Before I start this period piece,
There’s something you should know;
The form I use is dated,
Just like the minstrel show.
But modern is the medium;
The page is now the screen;
I do not rhyme by quill or stub
Or pencil, but machine.
You do not hold me in your hands
But conjure me online;
Best not to read me in a bath
Of freshwater or brine.
I shall not whine or groan,
Nor carp or moan of bygone times;
Technology is here to stay
So I’ll adapt my rhymes.
Now and then I may surprise
By offering a link;
Click on it and ah, voila!
You can’t do that in ink.
I think I’ll stop, I know I’ve not
Used up three hundred words;
But better to make one clean break
Than drop a mess of turds.
I hope you feel that you and I
Have formed a kindly bond.
Leave a comment if you’d like;
If I’d like I’ll respond.
It’s time to end this prologue,
Return to myth and lore,
Assuming that our host does not
Derail our plot once more.

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  1. Whoa, Omar, sweet rhymes! :)

  2. Joan Begs

    Lovely! And thanks for the link :)

  3. Felicia Fredlund

    Oh, I’m not much for verse… Or should I say I wasn’t much for verse, but this just sings. I love it. :)

  4. You had my laughing at the end Omar and I think you’ve done a stellar job of winding this into your narrative and made the bridge between the 21st century and the 13th. Well done – and can’t wait for you to be able to get back to your story.

  5. Thank you readers: Annasbone,
    Felica Fredlund, Jodi, Joan;
    Just do tell host, please no more tricks,
    Or I will give this the deep six!

  6. This whole project, ‘Forth Fiction’, is really becoming interesting and all the contributions from the contestants are great – this included – but its about elimination and choice. Very cut throat in the end. I like the verse and the first stage was intriguing but your up against some tough competition, I’m not sure this cuts the mustard; your up against story lines I don’t like in terms of content but which retain a hold all the same. Bit more thinking required on my part!!

  7. Never discount the novelty factor – and both Omar and Fido have it.

  8. Like the breaking of the conventions of the novel here. The link was neat touch. Definitely up for more, your prologue is now stretched to breaking point. Let’s see what you got next week :)

  9. Yes, of course I recognized “The Pied Piper” but also of course forgot it was Browning. Too long away from 19th Century English Lit.

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