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Round 1: Write the opening sentence of your novella


Once upon a time,
(’twas the year 1284 to be exact),
the Hamelin hamlet suffered;
its easy days attacked;
the victims were the children,
and hence the elders too,
Pied Piper the offender,
revenge for payment due;
just two returned, one blind, one dumb,
they both had lagged behind;
of the blind boy’s life I now shall tell:
his tale deserves our time.

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  1. Interesting choice of form. Is the whole thing going to be in verse. Kudos for doing something unusual. I live not too far from Hamelin at the moment, looking forward to your story of the boy left behind.

  2. Beran Djemal

    yes this is something that deserves to be followed.

  3. Natalia

    Agreed. Interestingly, making it verse would disqualify it as a novella, but I’ll definitely keep reading.

  4. You live in Germany, Herr Dan Powell?
    I raise to you a Heffenbrau;
    I do intend to write this all
    In verse, if that is possible;
    I’m glad you like this, B. Djemal,
    And as for you, Natalia:
    If this is verse then poetry
    Is doomed for all eternity!

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