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Round 1: Write the opening sentence of your novella

Of all the women who had come and gone, and there’d been more than a couple, only one had ever netted him.

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  1. Oh great, the truly original novel plot: boy meets girl, boy dumps girl, boy realizes this was a mistake and that he has now lost his (*ahem*) ‘one true love’, boy cant’ quite find anyone to match up to high standards set by above-mentioned ‘one true love’, boy f***ks everything that moves to alleviate the heartache (thereby screwing up a whole slew of women forever as byproduct), all the while dreaming of getting reunited with his one love goddess.

    Too bad, I liked your tweets, but good thing you don’t have immunity.

  2. I’m no Punctuation Police or anything, but I feel like the line could’ve come off better if you’d used em dashes instead of commas, unless, of course, if you’d purposefully meant it as an interjection rather than an abrupt change in the sentence. That, or the novella your line is leading up to isn’t saliently comedic. But eitherway, you’ve hooked me on.

    Good job!

  3. Christ, those are some jaded words from a pretty lass like yourself, annasbones. I reckon either you’re frustrated because you’re not the one or you haven’t met the right guy yet. Maybe try changing your cocktail of choice. What do you expect when you’re drinking bloody marys at night?

  4. Natalia

    Olaf, your reply to Anna was more inspired than your opening.
    Anna, I totally agree, wasn’t this already a movie starring Jerry O’Connell? Or wait, was it Matthew McConaughey?

  5. Either I belong to a dinosaur generation or you women nowadays have lost all sense of romance. With that attitude, what’s the point? As for my surly bastard side, (assuming you’re out there reading this, Dan) you can goddam count on seeing it soon. Without a temper I’d be just another washed out sunovabitch.

  6. Natalia

    I guess what I am saying is that the originality of this depends on the follow up. It isn’t the idea of romance, or of one unforgettable woman that is cliched, its the way it was written. But I am really not trying to offend.

  7. Guess reality shows are all about speaking your mind. So its got to be done – no I don’t much like where it seems to be going, I’m looking for something more inspiring, tantalising.

  8. craig

    lets hear more about how they came, and then, where they went

  9. That’s my boy. Now we’re talking.

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