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Round 1: Write the opening sentence of your novella

After watching his youngest brother stab his father to death over dinner with a steak knife, Jacob knew that any future doors to higher office had just slammed shut on him; he soon, however, found more efficient ways to feed his rising lust for power.

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  1. Renata

    That´s the kind of writting I´m interested on!
    Dark, sharp, thrilling!
    I love police, suspense, thriller novels! Looks like your will be like this, right? If so, I´m with you. Keep like this, and you´ll could count with my vote, guy!

  2. Renata

    *count on

  3. dj

    I’m not that into thrillers, but this sounds good – not quite shure it’ll be a thriller though. Best beggining so far. Good luck

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