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ROUND 2: Write the opening paragraph of your novella. It should be no more than 300 words, not including your opening sentence, and should be about interactions that take place over the web

French bulldogs, rottweilers, chow chows, lend me your floppy ears, cuz gone are the days of lonesome ramblin’. I’m itchin’ with fleas to guide you around my turf, the fenceless dogyard where i roam, the digital colosseum where our gladiavatars are crowned and wined and dined and chewed up and shat out, the new new york of the dubya dubya dubya where the rags to riches hopeful strut their wuff for their 15 million hits of fame, the electronic jungle with ten thousand talkers whose tongues are all dangling, the betweenthenet bedsheets where there’s ten thousand whisperin’ with nobody listenin.’ Just follow your fido, yo, and he’ll open doors for you where there were only walls. We’ll go snout to snout with sweet cottonball biatches in the poodle chatroom, sniff some bums on fecebook—that’s fessebook for you ma chère bulldog francaise—cruise around to our favorite dogblogs, leave our marks in the comments sandbox under raised legs, pad down password protected pages, crack codes to the crypt, set off viral wildfires. Just don’t misread my hacker’s heart and pimped out prose cuz under my faux fur coat is a saint bernard’s soul. Enough yappin’ bro, i gotta go. Hidden bones in the matrix are callin’ fido.

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  1. Is this a doggy ‘Matrix’ – there are some deep comments there but I’m still not sure about it as a novel! Moved on from ‘song’ perhaps to ‘observation’ – we’ll see!!

  2. I’m with you JD.

    I see such great insights and comment in your stuff Fido but my greast fear is how long it can be kept up and how it will keep pace with those writing traditional prose or in Omar’s case, epics.

    I love it – especially your ability to build a rhythm in the readers head to bring the message home on .. but I guess like JD, I’ll just have to wait and see where it goes from here. I’m sure you’re likely to astound and wow us.

  3. Another corker Fido. No time to do the lit crit this week as been on hols. Will probably do a two fer one next week. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.

  4. from the JD to the Jodi to the DP, I dig the comments! right on with the doggy matrix! it’s all about if you take the blue biscuit or the red biscuit. me, i always take the red one. i wanna see how deep the doggy hole goes. dunno if i can astound and wow, jodi, but i know i can bow-wow! dan the man–damn! so no treat this week? thats okay, cuz that means maybe two next week. course, that’s only if they don’t put down this ol’ sick dog first!

  5. Beran Djemal

    Absolute brilliance Fido! I think it doesnt matter if for some this piece cannot be categorized as a part from a novel, because its good if it doesnt, that means you are about to create a new style which can joggle all the other traditional rules, and forms.. So go Bro Fido hopefully you will win it as a solo! :)

  6. i’m djammin to what you’re saying djemal! you just threw ol’ fido a bedjewelled bone. right now i’m not thinkin’ about winning, just tryin’ to break through to the next round, the next bone! host, bust out that video!

  7. Fido, as you know, you’ll retain your contributor status until you submit your farewell post. Please do that in the next two days.
    I’ve already received several emails from people sad that you’re gone. You will be missed.

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