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Round 1: Write the opening sentence of your novella

The old man payed Yiannis 300 euros which is how much it costs for two of us for whole night at 150 each (its more cheaper during day – 60 for sex one time and 80 for twice) and then drove us to a village house outside Limassol which didn’t have even air conditioning so by the time we go to bedroom he was dripping and we could see all the black curly hairs on his back squashed under his sweaty white underwear shirt.

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  1. dj

    no commas! great!

  2. Really dj i didn’t put commas?… oops your right! I mean “Yes. Of course no commas. That was deliberate!” … hahaha … Sorry its my english. Too bad I can’t write in russian! 😉

    oh and HOST, i spelt word WHOLE wrong but for some reason not allowed to edit. can you change hole to whole?

  3. Ok, I changed “hole” to “whole” as you requested, Coco.

  4. craig

    grammar and spelling be damned, this is about sex!

  5. haha certain kind of sex yes :(

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