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Jul 4, 2009 by

The following video gives an overview of  Fourth Night, the first blog-based reality show:

You can read the initial competition announcement for more details or see the ‘Similar Posts’ links below. Anyone interested in being an outside participant to the competition should read the Open Call post

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REVIEWS of Fourth Fiction:

Fourth Fiction: The First 10 Days

Fourth Fiction: Yet Another Literary Show

The New Spin on Reality TV

Survival of the Fictionest (in Russian)

Первое реалити-шоу в блоге (another review in Russian)

Fourth Fiction Lit Crit

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  1. Amazing video!!
    Can’t wait to see where this goes! Hopefully somewhere viral 😉

  2. Really nice vid, Constantine! You’re a natural host. And that lake looks great. Keep up the good work!

  3. Very professional visual and so glad you decided to do something interesting while talking about it! And agreed with Shaya – you’re a natural host. I’m so excited to se where this leads.

  4. Nick Sucy

    It seems as if you’re just about to start laughing through the whole video. You should post the outtakes in the bonus material when you release the DVD.

  5. Joan Begs

    Talented people are not necessarily stars (most of the time they are not!) but bringing your intellectual talent to the front stage is a duty to fight growing mediocrity. Thank you for your courage to start something so different.

  6. seldomseen

    i don’t know about all this but i suppose i can stay on board for another few weeks. it doesn’t do much for the tech-less among us though does it? i mean, the simpler the better .
    and i’ll be damned if that’s a lake in your little movie there.
    clearly you’re on a river.

  7. Annasbones

    Wow, quite an impressive mix of people… Although not sure if that surprises me! Enjoying your choices so far & curious about reading their fiction on August. Well done for putting together this competition, Host.


  1. Fourth Fiction: The First Ten Days « Writing in Black and White - [...] Fiction is the world’s first blog based reality TV show currently streaming on Twitter and above are just some…

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