Fourth Fiction Contestants: First 10 Days on Twitter

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I’ve compiled all of the writing of the 12 contestants (minus Fyor, who hasn’t posted yet) from the first 10 days on the Fourth Fiction Twitter page. Each contestant was allowed to write up to four posts, known as ‘tweets,’ per 24-hour period. Because there are several hundred tweets in total, I’ve divided them into 10 pages (the links are at the bottom of the post below the “Similar Posts” links). To add color and context, I’ve also included some Fourth Fiction-related tweets from other writers on Twitter, especially when the contestants responded to them. Any writing by non-contestants is [italicized and enclosed within brackets]. Unlike Twitter, which displays the most recent tweets first, I have listed these chronologically from oldest to most recent.

For those who know nothing about Twitter, a tweet consists of up to a maximum of 140 characters, including spaces. Any series of letters or numerals preceded by the @ symbol refers to someone’s Twitter page. (ie. @FourthFiction). These “@replies” are used to directly refer to other writers on Twitter.  RT means “re-tweet” and is used when forwarding other people’s tweets. The # symbol is used to identify terms for the Twitter search engine (i.e. #4thfiction). You can find a more detailed Twitter overview here. This will all make more sense as you read through the tweets.


One hour to #FourthFiction launch. Check out for YouTube video. Happy Fireworks #writing #contest11:10 PM Jul 4th from web

HOST: Fourth Fiction has launched. Contestants, you’re on. Remember to append your names & only write 4 posts per day or you’ll be penalized12:00 AM Jul 5th from web

TESS: Hiya Forth Fiction Tweeps! Wonder if I’ll get the 1st tweet! Crazy to have us start on midgnight July 4! [hiccup… Hiccup…] lol12:03 AM Jul 5th from Twitterrific

TESS: OMG I got the 1st one! Oops on mispelling. I meant foUrth fiction. I should save other 2 tweets…12:09 AM Jul 5th from Twitterrific

UTAH: Greetings all. After seeing HOST’s video I see I’m going to have to get my green thumbs used to the keyboard to survive these rounds.12:12 AM Jul 5th from web

OMAR: Boom. Kaboom. Kabang!12:20 AM Jul 5th from TwitterFon

TUCK: “Boom Kaboom”? Yeah, ok pal, whatever. Wondering what I got myself into here.12:30 AM Jul 5th from web

OMAR: Raging! Tickled to see our reality contest has it’s official prick12:35 AM Jul 5th from TwitterFon

It’s easy to talk shit, OMAR, when you’re hiding behind a pseudonym12:37 AM Jul 5th from web

TUCK: I forgot to put the name. That was me. I think I’ve had about enough of this for tonight.12:40 AM Jul 5th from web

HOST to TUCK: I’m glad you’ve had enough because that’s your 4 posts. We’ll let the penalty for the no-name slide since it’s the first day12:44 AM Jul 5th from web

FIDO: Hell yeah! Lovin’ the Omar – Tuck showdown. They gonna knock each other out of the ring before it even starts!12:55 AM Jul 5th from TweetDeck

[FourthNightThings have gotten surly over at the @FourthFiction page. It must be the booze. Whatever the case, I can’t say I’m displeased]1:10 AM Jul 5th from web

UTAH: I hope @FourthNight is right and it’s just the alcohol that made for bad blood. This 4-tweet-limit will be hard to stick by. Nite all1:24 AM Jul 5th from web

ISIS: Shalom and Salaam to all! Cant wait to learn more about my fellow voyagers during our Fourth Fiction journey into the 4th dimension!2:42 AM Jul 5th from web

[zaneology@FourthFiction hiya!]12:25 AM Jul 5th from TwitterFon in reply to FourthFiction

TESS: Lmao about Omar and Tuck! Boys will be boys. Their like cows… If u don’t milk them they get grumpy! Btw hiya back at ya @Zaneology3:08 AM Jul 5th from Twitterrific

[zaneology@FourthFiction What exactly is is miking a boy…and is that dirty…lol.]3:11 AM Jul 5th from Seesmic Desktop in reply to FourthFiction

TESS: i luv big things that explode and make me go Ohhh! No, boys, I’m talkin bout fireworks 😉 LOL thought I’d end my last tweet w/ a bang3:16 AM Jul 5th from Twitterrific

IGOR: The big moment: my 1st so-called tweet. I feel like I’m losing my virginity all over again. Except this time I feel violated.6:12 AM Jul 5th from web

[JodiCleghorn@FourthFiction violated because you’d hate to lose your virginity in public?]6:47 AM Jul 5th from TwitterFox in reply to FourthFiction

IGOR: Is this where I say “Morning, tweeps”? Chuffed as nuts. Not sure what’s more disappointing: Murray not playing today or me on Twitter6:21 AM Jul 5th from web

NORA: Morning! Congrats host on video. So you were right about infighting [sic]. And sexual gratuity. I knew a few would go for shock value.9:35 AM Jul 5th from Seesmic Desktop

NORA: And a bleated Happy Independence Day. May our prayers go out to those struggling for freedom in Iran and Iraq.9:40 AM Jul 5th from Seesmic Desktop

NORA: Oops, I meant belated! What’s rules on deleting tweets?9:43 AM Jul 5th from Seesmic Desktop

[JodiCleghorn@FourthFiction hi Nora.Great to see a tweet from you.wondering how sexual gratuity plays out in a blog??]9:39 AM Jul 5th from TwitterFox in reply to FourthFiction

NORA: Hi @JodiCleghorn. I’ve got no idea how sexual gratuity will play out but based on last nights tweets we clearly won’t be spared it.9:57 AM Jul 5th from Seesmic Desktop

IGOR: Just realised how @FourthFiction works. Not violated bc of public aspect, Jodi, but bc unlike my 1st shag, now I’m whoring myself out10:15 AM Jul 5th from web

FIDO: Damn yo! Howd Roddick blow that tiebreak? Fed-Ex almost went Ex-Fed. He’s gonna have to change his shorts if that happens again…10:46 AM Jul 5th from TweetDeck

HOST: Tuck actually had 4 tweets. The one w/out his name still counts. The limit is there so no one overwhelms feed (questions from @skyle)11:06 AM Jul 5th from web

OLAF: Don’t know much about what Twittering is, but after two weeks of fog, there was a bunch of it on the radio yesterday about the weather11:38 AM Jul 5th from web

OLAF: Can’t say much on this, can you? Like I was saying, there was 4 hours of good weather yesterday for tuna looking. Then thunderstorms11:50 AM Jul 5th from web

OLAF: And now that we’ve finally got sun, it’s supposed to breeze up westerly this afternoon. Already whitecaps out there now.11:52 AM Jul 5th from web

OLAF: I’ve put my time in for today. I’m going to clean the boat.11:57 AM Jul 5th from web

HOST: It appears the host isn’t infallible. Tuck only wrote 3 posts yesterday and I claimed he’d written 4. Apologies, Tuck. Today you get 512:13 PM Jul 5th from web

TUCK: I had my doubts after watching that video but at least HOST has the nads to man up to his screw ups.1:13 PM Jul 5th from web

FIDO: fedhead has a 15 on the back of his jumper???! way to go, yo. you just went from cool to tool. nadal, come back & crush him1:47 PM Jul 5th from TweetDeck

ISIS: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Gandhi #forgiveness #Gandhi #peace2:02 PM Jul 5th from web

FIDO: hella quiet out here. Is it post july 4th slump or just a tweeting recession?5:15 PM Jul 5th from UberTwitter

OMAR: it’s the 4 tweet max. Most have used up daily tweet quota already. That or just that it’s sunday funday5:51 PM Jul 5th from TwitterFon

RHAE: I suppose I should say “hello.” Hello. Now that niceties are out of the way, why are 4 celebs trending ahead of#iranelection?6:33 PM Jul 5th from web

TUCK: Because some of us care about whats happening on home soil. RIP Steve McNair.6:40 PM Jul 5th from web

RHAE: Tuck, if you care so much about your home soil, you may want to look into Brady Campaign. Steve McNair was murdered by handgun.6:46 PM Jul 5th from web

[HeidiB16@FourthFiction NO, he was murdered by a PERSON.]6:48 PM Jul 5th from web in reply to FourthFiction

[FourthNightTen of the 12 contestants have made their debut on @FourthFiction. Still waiting to hear from Fyor and Coco.]8:11 PM Jul 5th from web

RHAE: Let me guess. Your bumper reads “Gun control means using both hands” RT @HeidiB16 @FourthFiction NO, he was murdered by a PERSON9:22 PM Jul 5th from web

UTAH: Musing about August 4th over tea. I have a mother-daughter novel in mind I want to write – wondering if challenges will allow for it..10:05 PM Jul 5th from web

OMAR: got 1 tweet left till midnight and nothing to say11:27 PM Jul 5th from TwitterFon

TUCK: You mean you had one. Why not just keep quiet if you aint got nothing to say?11:32 PM Jul 5th from web

HOST: Whenever addressing someone in specific, mention the person’s name in the tweet so as not to confuse the readers.11:46 PM Jul 5th from web

HOST: (to Nora) No deleting tweets allowed. Once it’s posted the deed is done.11:50 PM Jul 5th from web

HOST: FourthFiction reviewed by @VictoriaStrauss at Writer Beware. She knows her lit reality shows PM Jul 5th from web

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