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Fourth Fiction Chain Story (Ball and Chain)For the final part of the pre-contest phase,  the 12 contestants worked on a chain story on the Fourth Fiction Twitter page. I provided the opening lines for the story at midnight, July 24th, and the contestants developed it as they wished, writing one post per 24-hour cycle. The chain story ended August 1st when a pre-competition poll was posted. See this video for more details about this pre-contest chain story.


HOST: It was a dark and stormy night. There was a knock on the door.12:00 AM Jul 25th from webOMAR: The rain whipped in gusts against the windows. There was another knock. But louder. She couldn’t remember if she had locked the door.2:43 AM Jul 25th from TwitterFonCOCO: She thought of man who humiliated her last night. She hated herself for giving in to him. For enjoying it. Was it him at door?10:49 AM Jul 25th from webOLAF: The knocking stopped. Then the phone rang. She yanked the plug. It was a stupid thing to do. Almost as stupid as not getting caller ID12:05 PM Jul 25th from webFIDO: wasnt till knocking & ringing stopped she remembered she’d ordered pizza. Damn! Hot dogs again. While squeezing mustard, another knock1:02 PM Jul 25th from UberTwitterTUCK: “Enough pansying around,” she thought. She finished her dog, wiped her mouth, grabbed a butcher knife and went to the door.1:50 PM Jul 25th from webNORA: She looked through the peephole. A girl stood there, alone, soaking wet. She hid the knife in the wall cabinet and opened the door.2:58 PM Jul 25th from TwitterBerryIGOR: As if defying the slanting torrent, stripping the ancient sky gods of power, the girl stood unmoved in her own puddle. She was blind.6:22 PM Jul 25th from webISIS: Willow asked where she came from, who she was. The girl maintained a holy silence. So Willow took her hand, kissed it, and led her in.7:40 PM Jul 25th from webUTAH: Willow walked her to the bathroom, turned on the shower. She then fetched some of her daughter’s clothing. She had kept all of it.8:45 PM Jul 25th from webTESS: The girl took the clothes from Willow. “Your daughter is dead, isn’t she?” There was a pause. “So you do speak,” Willow finally said.9:17 PM Jul 25th from TwitterrificRHAE: “Just because I’m blind, doesn’t mean I can’t see.”11:17 PM Jul 25th from webCOCO: What arrogant girl. I bet she can’t see stains on bed. The tears. The struggle. The pleasure. Children think they know everything.3:28 AM Jul 26th from webNORA: “Yes, my daughter Sarah passed away four years ago,” Willow said. She noticed the girl stiffened. “Where are your parents?”9:18 AM Jul 26th from TweetDeckISIS: “They are resting with your daughter, waiting for us. But it’s not our time yet. We have a journey to go on. Thus spoke the oracle.”1:30 PM Jul 26th from webFIDO: Oracle? Damn this girl was a trip, yo! But willow dug her. So they left the next morning. On the road they met w/ a pack of thieves…3:29 PM Jul 26th from UberTwitterTESS: The thieves bound their wrists and began blindfolding them. “You don’t need to do this,” the girl said calmly. They missed the irony.4:21 PM Jul 26th from web

IGOR: A man tore the blindfolds off them. A cave. Weapons. Loot. Three dozen or so armed men. “This way”, he said. “Ali Baba is waiting.”6:45 PM Jul 26th from web


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  1. The idea is good but the implementation is too superficial. Maybe I’m a generation or so too late (I’m 61) but rape, cock sucking and dope are all a bit boring. Not that I could do any better but I think the contestants should aim for something that is creative, ‘novel’ and inspiring. It all needs to evolve a bit – recognising, of course, the evolutionary significance of the mind, and its potential for error, on the course that the evolution takes. Keep it up there is potential.

  2. “Rape, cock sucking and dope are all a bit boring.” That would make an interesting blog tagline… We’ll have to see what happens when they actually start their individual novellas. I’ve actually never come across a successful chain story. I just wanted to try it out to see what would happen. I think any evolutionary potential gets sabotaged along the way when you bring a group of people into the mix, especially when they’re participating in something as freakish as a reality show. Thanks for the frank comment.

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