Fourteenth Night

May 4, 2008 by

This month Fourth Night is going to have to be Fourteenth Night.  Apologies for the delay but I just came out of an astonishing 3-day harmonica workshop in Ulm, Germany with Howard Levy (if you’ve never heard of him,  I recommend a Youtube search) and it’s going to take a week or so to get my bearings again…

Until the 14th,


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  1. Erin

    You are truly a walking enigma as my friend Ed use to say. Harmonica player, photographer, writer, world traveler please tell me what your next adventure entails; surely not a boring desk job, but I’m sure you’d make the best of it.
    I look forward to the 14th and more photos. If only you or I lived closer we would be best of friends. I myself am looking for someone to teach me how to play the xylophone and advise me on a new state of the art digital camera!
    Europe and beyond are in the works for the falle.

  2. Christina

    You would probably appreciate this entry from New York Daily Photo blog:
    Enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work.

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